Where do I get my Book Published

How can I get my book published?

It didn't go as planned. ┬┐My Dalek Has A Puncture. The B&N sells self-published books in the trade.

New at Barnes & Noble is that after twenty years of fighting with Amazon, they now have a real advantage over the competition that Amazon can't achieve. With 640 bookshops in 50 states, Barnes & Noble gives self-published writers the opportunity to gain admission to their sacred workbooks. Without any problems Barnes & Noble won this competition.

In order to gain entry to the book trade, authorized writers must hand in their printed works "for peer reviews by Barnes & Noble's Small Press Department and one of the purchasers in the business category". In order to be able to participate in shop activities, writers need a "Barnes & Noble Retailer Report". I took note of some comments made by Lou Aronica, the publisher's specialist, in my report on last autumn's NINC meeting.

He insistently recalled that self-published writers cannot allow themselves to overlook the pressure: "It still represents about two third of the entire turnover of the work. And the bigger issue is printing accessibility to retailers. Autonomous bookshops have always been more open to handling self-published writers than the chain. The Barnes & Noble has fewer points of sale than the Barnes & Noble Barnes Club, but much more area.

Booksellers with two and a halffold market share of the independent chain have at least one article. It is also a fantasy to bring self-published literature to non-bookstores such as drugstores and malls. So, getting into Barnes & Noble should be a big thing. For me, the issue of hoping that the new Barnes & Noble regimes could begin to reclaim some of the land they so resolutely surrendered to Amazon.

This would be good tidings for writers of all colours and for editors everywhere. McIlroy Thad est Berater, analyste et auteur de The Future of Publishings. Thad has been advising publications and utilities, printing houses, pre-press businesses, desgin and advertisement firms as well as publisher since 1988.

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