Where do I get my Book Published

How can I get my book published?

I' m almost done with my book, but I don't want to share it with my parents. I thank you for publishing my books and gave myself the chance to become an author. I don't know who to contact at this point or where to start publishing my story.

Where can I get my book in your shop?

When your book is not available through our regular distributors (Ingram & Partners West) or only as a disposable item, we provide you with the option of selling it on a commission-base. The book shall remain the sender' s title until it is resold.

Please note our shipping instructions if you would like to have your book in stock: A nonrefundable $10 commission charge (cash or cheque only) is charged for each book you wish to receive from us. Not only do we keep your book for a non-refundable $15 charge (cash or cheque only), we put it on our website.

You will need a signature on the contract of consignation document. Written shipment enquiries by e-mail are preferred. These are our default delivery conditions: For a 40% rebate (i.e. 60% of the turnover goes to the author/sender) and we keep the book in storage for at least 180 working nights (depending on the turnover).

Please note our special shipping conditions in our shipping forms. When we believe your book has a store with our clients, we can ask for a copy of the reviews. Do not send reviews to the bookshop without our approval. Because of the large number of postings, we are not able to return reviews to the author.

Because of the large number of entries, shipment verification can take several additional days. We do not usually take delivery of book consignments during the high seasons. To have your book checked and taken along for the public and private festivities, please make sure you have sent in your shipment request a few month before December.

Like all the stocks we hold in the shop, we reserve the right not to keep a book if we believe it does not suit our business ethos or our markets. And we pride ourselves on supporting our consignation programme for our work. At the same time, we do our best to make shelving available for our book shelves, while taking into account our inventories and the interests of our clients.

Before you ask us any question, please make sure you have read our shipping forms. At the moment we are organising a Sunday for writers, on which we make our conference room available to two writers on the first Sunday of each months. Write a book and we know how much commitment it can take! There are just a few things to consider when you are considering selling your book in our business - keep in mind that we want all your heavy work to be worthwhile both for us and for you:

Is your book as good as it can be (and by that we don't mean the eloquence of your speech and the intellect of your thinking)? When you are published, the firm printing your book can provide proof-reading or even an appropriate amount of proof-reading for a surcharge. Professionals with the capabilities of an organization have whole groups of professionals who do it for them.

People are choosy. When you expect your readership to buy as much for your book as they would for a large publisher, they expect work of the same standard. Put together your own book design group.

Price - To be able to resell your book, the price should be on or below the costs of other book of its own sizes and grading. It' simple to see how your book looks compared to your own bookshop. If you are negotiating for the manufacture of your book, be sure to take that into consideration, as well as the fact that you must at least purchase the standard industrial rebate to the stores that have your book in store, and significant amounts for sales, so that readers can know your book is available.

COVER-Art - Face it - Humans evaluate a book by its cover.

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