Where do I find the Publisher of a Book

How do I find the publisher of a book?

We are a non-profit, independent publishing house without institutional support. Come and read our books and find out about the latest offers from McFarland. VOICE of the independent publishing industry You can also find our book collections in the year-round. We' re reviewing these volumes to give more appreciation to the thousand of major â and often overlookedâ independent publications that appear each year. In order to be eligible for a reviewer's opinion, please submit your book to the following adress.

When your book is selected, an editor will get in touch with you and give you a reference to the finished book review.

Independent publications participating in our competitions will also be taken into account. Further information on the individual programs can be found here. Please e-mail us.

VOICE of the independent publishing industry

On May 29, the medal winner presentation took place in New York on the evening before BookExpo America. The prize recipients were presented and awarded prizes, and there was a music presentation by Dick Wagner, the Memoir winner of the medal section, as well as lectures by Marty McConnell and L. Lamar Wilson.

You can find more pictures, news releases and link on the IPPY Medalist page. These are the results of this year's award, beginning with the winning medals in our 77 domestic classes and on dedicated pages, the regional classes, the e-book classes and our Outstanding Books of the Year.

Of the 382 medal winners, 44 come from the United States and Washington, D.C., 5 Canada states and 8 oversee states. Congratulation to all of you! Please click here to go to the Regional and E-Book Awards page. Congratulation to all medal winners for their outstanding work and your independence of mind! The" IPPY" awards, which were established in 1996, are intended to give more credit to the well-deserved but often untitled publications of independant writers and publishing houses.

Over 4,500 titles have won the IPPY Awards since the first competition, and all the appreciation, reliability and turnover increase that a book prize can have. Autonomous minds and expertises come from all size and budget book publisher, and accounts are evaluated from this point of view. Jenkins Group, a publisher based in Traverse City, Michigan, was established in 1988 and owns and operates the awards.

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