Where can I Write Stories Online

How can I write stories online?

Take our unique writing, narration and presentation courses to your workplace. Wherever you are, you can hold online courses in writing. Rat your readers with tricks and tips on how to write a horror story. Step-by-step instructions on mystery writing and submit a story online. Create effective writing skills, flip through stories and start writing a novel.

Complimentary reading and writing of poems and stories

Exciting reading of thousand of short novels and poetry! Find new shorts that have been created by readers from all over the globe with our powerful searching engine, which allows you to sort your shorts by gender, class, age and keyword and sort them by the most highly ranked or recently submission.

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Valentine's Day Tales - Creativity and creativity

The bestselling d├ębut by Audrey Niffenegger about a young lady who spent her whole lifetime awaiting the apparitions of the loves of her world. His genetics mean that he makes journeys through history is an epoxy of spectacular and swinging romantic. This classical novel from the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries about the relation between Cathy and Heathcliff is probably the most mighty representation in the fictional bloody obsession.

Even the most hard-hearted critics, we brave reading the history of the relation between nurse Lou and Will, a paralyzed man, without accessing the tissue. The old man we met in New York Leo Gursky loses Anna, the young man whom he loved in Poland before the Second World War, and also the script of the script he had written about her.

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Exponate - Historisches Museum Holzloch

Gallery One: The Story of Woods Hole. Tales of whale hunting, sciences, whirlwinds, ferries, railways, tourists, local industry and much more that have made our interesting town. At the heart of this exhibition will be a time line that describes important individuals and occurrences in the colonization and evolution of Woods Hole from the early 1600s to the present.

Continue to Gallery 2: This is an exhibition about everything to do with crustaceans! There is a story of mussel fishing on Cape Cod, from the early use of wampanoag bowls by the Wampanoag Indians to today's mussel fishing by indigenous people. This exhibition shows samples of many species of mussels found in our water and the old instruments used to collect them.

Thank you to Tom Chilton and Bob Grosch for the curation of this exhibition. As well as the items presented each year in our art gallery and stores, the museum's website presents several on-line exhibitions. Several of them (such as the exhibition on icehouses) are on-line editions of items exhibited in the past in the museums' art gallery.

Other ones (like the exhibition about the works of Guano) were never assembled and only exist on-line. Currently 11 items are available online: For more information about these items, please click here or click here. Both Ume Tsuda (far left) and Sutematsu Yamakawa (far right) came to Woods Hole and the MBL to attend university in the later 1800s.

There has been a scientific link between Japan and Woods Hole for almost 150 years. An exhibition depicting some of the links between Woods Hole and Japan was on view in the museum's art gallery in the spring of 2016. Click here to see an on-line copy of this exhibition.

This exhibition shows replicas and an authentic large, centuries-old marine chart from the archive of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Many thanks to Steve Wagner, former NOAA RV Albatross IV and Delaware captains and recent Coast Guard Auxiliary members, Tom Chilton, Bob Grosch, Debbie Scanlon for the curation of this exhibition and to WHOI for their support.

Discover the story of Woods Hole through its shops. It is the web-release of an exhibition that was on display in the summer months of 2015 and 2016. Click here to see the exhibition. There were also a number of spectecular photography and an exhibition in the MUM. Some of these pictures and two brief video clips can be found here on the museum's website.

In the following you will find a listing of the objects in our museum over the years. Woods Hole Historical Museum's first exhibition took place at Endeavor House on School Street in 1974. In the following year, 1975, an exhibition took place at Fisher House on Church Street. The museum relocated to Bradley House in 1976, and since then there have usually, but not always, been at least two exhibitions a year, one in each one.

Woods Hole Model, a full-time exhibition in the third art space, began in the 1970s and was finished ten years later. It was drawn up after a raid of the protocol of the steering group. We' ve got some marvellous items in front of us, so take a look at the new things in the show!

One of the exhibitions at the Woods Hole Historical Museum in the 2015 Summer tells the history of the ices and icehouses found on the banks of many Falmouth waters. A lot of what was shown in this exhibition is now available now.

The exhibition is dedicated to the wives of Woods Hole for over 75 years. Everybody loves Woods Hole. Click here to see these beautiful photographs and hear the tales of these notables.

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