Where can I Submit Poetry

How can I submit poetry?

All the work we receive is checked and we accept what we think is best. We are returning this summer to an artist whose work we presented in an earlier Where to Submit: We' ve got five great suggestions for you - lovingly designed magazines that are friendly to up-and-coming poets. We' ll present a selected number of poems per issue. We' re not a paying market.

Submitting - Foundry

is a publisher of a wide array of genres and shapes, from brief lyrical poetry to long stories and fiction. We' re attracted to poetry that feels as much as they think. Inclusiveness and contributions from marginalised groups are welcome. Entrance 3-5 previously unreleased poetry on Submittable (please do not submit one poetry after another; we would like to see a wide array of works).

You should include all your poetry in a DOC/.DOCX or PDF document with one page (maximum eight pages). Type a covering note with a brief CV of the third party in the field provided by Submittable. Delay the request until four month have elapsed. Entries are free, although we sometimes give you the opportunity to make a small donation and receive a quick reply.

Concurrent entries are welcome. In case a poetry is approved elsewhere, let us know by entering a comment on the "Activity" page in "Submitable". If you make a typo in your covering or package, do not retreat but instead post a message in Submittable and we can open your contribution for processing.

Submit only every three month. Please allow at least three month before resubmitting if you are withdrawing your complete filing or if your filing is reject. The number of entries we can get is limited, so we try to remain open to as many persons as possible before we reach our canopy.

Previous payers should allow one year from the date of publishing until they resubmit their contributions. We' ll give $10 per Venmo or Paypal book just after it's published. We also support our writers in the field of corporate publishing and submit nominees for awards.

March, April and May 2018 - Entroy

Based on the number of requests we receive, you've seen the change: Where to Submit mail is seasonally, which means it is published every three month instead of every two. That'?s the vernal mullion. Sommerpost will be published on June 1, 2018 (for June, July and August) and so on.

In April and May 2016, New Orleans based Sadie Sheldon signed over the Where to Submit shortlist with a photograph of one of her work. This work, in cooperation with Ursa Eyer, is an investigation of the inside of a live organism, which is surmounted by man-made wastes. Influenced by Chris Jones' icons of young, plastic-filled, disintegrating albatrosses, this exhibition aims to emphasize the extent and effect of synthetics on our lives over the years.

If you have the possibility to be added to our next mailing lists, you can also contact me at this e-mail-adress. Submit a script? Another useful source is the Entropy Small Press Database, a guide to more than 175 small press types, with introductory guides, and more.

Here is a complete listing of what entropy publishers plan to release in 2018.

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