Where can I Submit my Short Story

How can I submit my short story?

I have divided the places where you can submit your short story collection into three parts: The size of your audience depends. In general, publications with a smaller audience accept material more easily. Visit duotrope.com if the magazines below do not match your specific writing style. There are separate guidelines for our short story competitions and regular submissions.

Submitting your work

with $5,000 in prize money. 10th annual poem competition, with $3,300 in prize money. Please feel free to submit previously unreleased scripts of any length, from short histories to full-page serialisations. The Narrative publishing house is a regular source of literature, poems and non-fiction, among them short books, novel, novel extracts, short story, essay, humour, drafts, memoir, literary biography, commentaries, reports, interview and many more. The books are interesting for the reader who enjoys story telling and fanciful writing.

For all information on how to format manuscripts, how to format words, how to pay authors and other guidelines, please see our submission guidelines.

Guidelines for the submission of short stories

These are the general rules for short stories in our anthological-section. Currently we only accept entries via our onlineform. It will help us to follow all entries as effectively as possible. If you want to get a really good response to this is to read us: Every publishing house has a different taste, and if you take the liberty to find out what we are publishing, it will be much simpler for you to choose what you want to submit to us.

When the most important thing about your story is its whimsical storytelling techniques, or when the person is a novelist who writes about the challenge of creating a short story about the writer's challenge, then maybe it's not for us. Once we finish working on each short story ethology, we go directly to the next one.

No need to rush: just let us know when you think your work is finished. While we are located in the UK, we welcome contributions from writers from all over the English-speaking area. Please grant us initial production copyrights to each story we have published. That means that the story should not have been published anywhere else, either in printed form or on-line.

When publishing a story, we ask for a short exclusive time ( usually six months) and the right to keep the story in the press. There are no questions about website permissions and no boundaries to what you can do with your story of exclusiveness.

From May 2016 we will now be paying 20 per thousand words for tales we are publishing (e.g. 80 for a 4,000 words story or 120 for a 6,000 words story). Tales we release can also take part in the Writer's Award, a £100 money award for the best story in each book, as rated by the authors.

There is a 3 pounds per story you submit. It will help us with our ongoing expenses (we do not get outside funding) and will allow us to spend more of our resources and focus more on the contributions we do. We also want to reply to all entries within twoweek.

You can now use our online order sheet to buy one of our publications instead of pay the fees. You can pay at the moment of deposit by PayPal or your debit cards. It' okay to have more than one story at a tokenoken. No more than three should be sent, and please use the contact sheet to submit them individually and not together in one single file.

If you want to submit more than one mag at a single go, we can. Please let us know if a story you submit has been adopted elsewhere! While we try to answer all entries within two week, sometimes we think about it at peak times or on public holiday.

Please review your inbox if you submit more than three week ago and have not yet found us. If you could provide your deposit number ( "the number you got when you filed the deposit"), it would be very useful.

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