Where can I Send my Manuscript for Publishing

To where can I send my manuscript for publication?

No one will ever steal your manuscript because. Last week I sent my first PB manuscript to[a major publisher]. The April issue gives some valuable tips on how to apply to small Australian publishers. Fill in the fields below and either send us a printed copy of your manuscript or attach a digital file. The correct formatting will place your manuscript immediately in front of the set.

Submitting your manuscript on-line

An increasing number of publishers are moving with the times and enabling you to submit your texts directly via a manuscript review form on their website or via an e-mail that they make available to you on their website. Whilst every business does things a little differently, most people use the same fundamental principle when they submit a manuscript by electronic means.

This is how you can send your manuscript to publishers online: The manuscript should be prepared according to the instructions of the publisher. If the publisher has no special manuscript formats, you can simply use the default manuscript formats for your style. Converting to PDF.

In most publishers, your documents must be in PDF so that you have to transform them into this one. You can do this with most of our applications by storing or downloading as a PDF-file. Add your covering note as an e-mail or note. Your e-mail or text is usually used as a covering note.

You will then need to attach your manuscript. Useful tip: To make sure that you offer the publisher the best possible bid for your work, you should first send a covering note in the form of a paper as if you were sending it by post.

E-mails are less informal and are only written to the organization in the text field of the e-mail, typos, important information is omitted and other serious mistakes can be made. Furthermore, your e-mail can be longer than the page length/number of words preferred by the editor. You can be sure that you are keeping to the right length by putting it in a current page, as you can see when the page ends.

Take your real patience and devote several working hours to writing a sophisticated and professionally written note containing the name of the editor in the welcome, all the necessary information in the text, a professionally written conclusion and your name. You can also read our article on how to create an excellent cover letter for manuscript submission and what a sign ature in your e-mail degree can do for your writing career).

Please consider whether you need a suggestion or the complete manuscript. Several publishers may ask you to submit a proposed work rather than your entire manuscript. In this case, you must append a PDF copy of this paper instead of the manuscript. That' is all you need to know to submit your entry to a publisher on-line.

So if you have a question, or have ever sent in an on-line manuscript and have other hints or just want to exchange your experiences with the procedure, please include your remarks and queries below. We are a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programme, an Amazon Services LLC Associates programme that offers us the opportunity to make money by creating links to Amazon.com and associated websites.

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