Where can I Sell Short Stories

How can I sell short stories?

I' m planning on selling it as an eBook. The kit will guide you through all phases of writing your short story, from brainstorming to publishing your finished work. that would make you sell every short story you've written. Sadly, it's also a difficult career. Award-winning author Douglas Smith teaches you how to market and sell short stories - and much more.

Selling low-cost subscriptions to short stories

My answer from Gail McConnon was this: I know. I' d like to do something, but I don't know where to begin. I really hope you have an ingenuity. I' ve authored a volume that is a compilation of 50 short stories. I' m planning on selling it as an electronic one.

But before that I would like to offer the single stories for selling - for about 25 dollars each on a monthly basis. Subcribers can stop and restart at any moment. However, as long as they are signed up, a new history is sent to their e-reader or their telephone at the touch of a key.

Nearly 25 group believe as if they get thing for area achiever. I' m afraid that a normal member site might be the best wager, thought the geecification ratio that' s implicated in hiring such a thing. That was quite a hit, and I have not suggested the Gail now experimented with the fix, but here is a breakdown of the options (along with Gail's method).

I am not sure that a subscriptions is the right way, especially if the reader is not already acquainted with your work and trusts that you will always provide a required reading. Nor do I think that the pricing point is the greatest motivation for the reader, at least not in this one. In addition, the use of space and power play an important role.

The reader must like you very much to be kept up to date with new information and remembered that they are being topped up. But if you really want to give the renewal concept a chance: It is an e-newsletter tool that allows you to simply levy registration fees.

This would rule out any possibility of folks not being able to interpret it, using a native file system or piece of equipment. This is a real test Gail points out: Every new subscribtion would begin with wherever it is in the stories, and not with the first one. With Ning you can build a paid site without having to know anything about the structure or coding of the site.

But it will be costly - and the expense could overbalance your subscriptions unless you have several hundred persons willing to continue to buy and use them. Pricing the stories at 99ยข each on Amazon (or Scribd, Smashwords, etc.), and use them primarily as promotional and merchandising resources for the whole pick.

Skip the plan concept. Everything that is app-based means that you would be excluding people who do not have a smartphone/iPhone or tablet/iPad. So much message and interest as applications receive, it is a small percent of enthusiastic subscribers who actually have these gadgets. After she sent the message, I got this follow-up from Gail:

I came across an article this mornings about a WordPress members plug-in named Magic Members plug-in. This means that you can create a free subscription that allows you to make payments by mail. But if stories or storylinks are published in a "private" blogs, it could work.

It is a question: "How low can a prize be fixed to make a profit? Did you try a pay per month account for your contents?

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