Where can I get my Book Printed

How can I have my book printed?

Usually I print the envelopes (back and front) separately on separate pages. I have received a number of e-mails since the launch of my Kickstarter campaign asking me how I could print my children's book in an environmentally friendly way. I would like to thank everyone involved, and I will use Bookprintinguk for my next book that has just been completed.

The M-Y Books - eBook and Print-On-Demand Publishing Services for Authors and Editors

Learn how M-Y Books can help you get your book out there, whether you want to do it yourself or let us do all the work. We're here to help. If you are an author..... Submission of editorial reports..... Manufacturing Serivces..... Self-editors and editors. Whatever you want to release your book - printed, e-book or audiobook, we have the full spectrum of manufacturing capabilities and can work from any resource, whether it' digitally or in print.

You can find useful information for publishers and writers here and download it in print-ready form. This is our storefront, a sample of writers who work with M-Y and their work and some of our publishers. Not only do we market our partners' products to large retail outlets, we also market them directly.

Questions about book printing - everything about printing books.

That' s the most common questions asked, and the answers are always there. Please call us for further information or send us an e-mail. As many as you like, we can provide both lithography and digitally printed so that large and small quantities can be printed. That is very hard to say because every case is different, but what we are saying is that we will work according to your schedule.

Our book print service FAQs

What do I need to know to order from 4edge? Once we have your print-ready data, we will handle your order and book it. When you have requested a hardcover copy, it will be sent to you within two working nights. Is 4edge able to generate hardcoverproof?

Yes, we are pleased to create hardcover reofs. What is the speed of 4edge Proofing? Please submit the print-ready PDFs before 2 p.m. and our goal would be to create a hardcover copy on that date, if the work load allows it. Usually we work with a processing period of a max. of seven workingdays after the release of theof.

So if my book was previously printed in off-set, does it look the same when printed out? On our numerical letterpress machines we use the same assortment of materials that run through our web press, so that the book has the same appearance in relation to papers and weaves.

Are you offering print-on-demand-press? 4Edge - How do clients upload to 4Edge? Is 4edge able to sell the book directly to clients? Are you able to publish your book abroad? Yes, 4edge has an alliance with other UK and worldwide printshops using the same state-of-the-art equipment. Will there be a timeout for 4edge to keep my PDFs printable?

We keep all of our clients' data FREE, so they can print at any given moment.

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