Where can I get a Book Published

How can I publish a book?

Writing a non-fiction book won't necessarily make you famous or rich, but virtually all authors see additional business benefits from publishing it. This is the crazy story behind the first book published in the (future) United States. "Do you know all the books on your shelf, how to get published? Do you need answers to your questions?

Publishing houses work with print shops to make printed works, but do not usually have their own print shop. Please review these before contacting a publishing house. First, please check with the publishing house to see if they accept scripts for possible release.

Publishing houses often specialise in certain kinds of book and may not be interested in the kind of work you want to enter. You may be asked by a publishing house to send in an abstract or a whole book and several model sections. Attach an adressed, franked cover for the possible returning of the work.

Canada's National Library provides outstanding information and support to publishing houses and the general population. Canada's ISBN Service System (CISS) provides built-in service, from receiving publishing company registrations, managing ISBN units, to generating ISBN activities reporting.

Three major public financing resources exist for both authors and publishers: On the Harbourfront Campus of Simon Fraser University, the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publication provides a Master of Publication Program and a number of Summer Publication Workshops.

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