Where are the Children Book

Mm-hmm. Where's the children's book?

I am so happy to see her so incredibly happy and delighted at all the many opportunities for her future. Children's & Teen Choice Book Awards is the only national book award program that selects winners from children and young people of all ages.

Mary Higgins Clark's kids?

There' were a bunch of things about this book that really pissed me off. In these 290 pages there was so much naked misogynia that I was repeatedly overcome by the strong impulse to throw the book in the stove and put this asshole on the grill. All that prevented me was the fact that it was a book of libraries, so if I were to grill it, I would have to buy the goddamn thing, which was: a) I'm bankrupt; and b) I refused to buy a penny for something so indisputably anti-feminist.

I' m just saying that I found it a little bit more easy when I consider that the book was released in 1975. Sitting here, I could take apart all the different incongruities I saw - like the fact that Nancy's spouse would never have been permitted in a million years in the interview room with what his face is, or this annoying thing about Doubles Jeopardy, and so on - but I'm not interested in dedicating that kind of amount of space and trouble to analysing a book like this.

and his breathtaking juridical precision. You kill your history, and even more badly, you kill the folks who try to overlook it. It is not this reading and in-depth study that is really the aim of such a book, but I am just saying it. Apart from that, this wasn't really a poor book in relation to the history itself.

All in all not the best book I have ever seen, but not the poorest either. It may be something you should be reading if you like this kind of thing, and if you can stand the glaring misogynistic harmonics.

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