When was this Book Published

So when was this book published?

" This question implies that the questioner knows or suspects that the book has been published more than once. "This field indicates the date on which the issue of the listed ISBN was published. Authors often contact us with information on how to finance their writing, feedback on their writing or how to publish their books with a publisher. If you could be paid for the publication, why pay to be printed? As books and authors walk different ways to bookstore shelves, I will describe in detail the most common journey for a traditionally published book.

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Which is an ISBN? The ISBN is the abbreviation for International Standard Book Number. The 10 or 13-digit number is used to identify a book, an issue of a book or a book-like item (e.g. an audio book). Each published book has its own ISBN since 1970. The ISBNs allocated were amended from 10 to 13 posts in 2007.

Caution: The introduction of IBN numbers dates back to 1970. Every book published before 1970 has no one. SSBNs are useful when searching for a particular print of a book. One of the most beloved books, which has been reproduced several copies over the years, will have many different book numbers - one for each pub.

ISBN numbers linked to Jane Austen's pride and prejudice:

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