What you need to be a Writer

As a writer, what you need

It' the sound of me bursting your bladder. You need excellent research and interviewing skills and must be a good listener. Most employers prefer to hire applicants with a Bachelor's degree in English, writing or journalism. but if you do, you get traction. Note: This article is about how I became a professional writer.

Seven things you have to give up to become a successful writer

I' ve launched a blogs to help other authors because I know that it is possible to be successful. You' re reading something like this:

Could you help me become a winning writer?

You a hardworking writer?

Words of beauty don't make you a good writer. Getting the public to move around makes you a good writer.

Perhaps you should talk about something else.

Let's assume your letter isn't attracting much interest right now.

All you want to do is writ. Do you think good handwriting should do it on its own?

If you knew everything would work out?

It is not a straightforward exercise.

I' ve never told anyone that I want to be a writer. And I began to write, and I kept on typing.

That may be my fifty th birthday piece.

And I know sometimes you just don't seem like you were made to be a writer.

I have a 5,000-word guidebook for you to use.

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