What Writers say about Writing

Writers say about writing

Rankin: You get these authors who say: 15- Authors on writing | The New York Public Library Now, only authors know the kind of fight that is the letter. This can be tiring, boring and annoying, but when those precious triumphal and inspirational times come - the ideal words or characters that blossom into life - then you know it's a battleworthy one. If you are about to write the next war and peace or just trying to think up the next big tweet, here are a few quotations from authors to get you through:

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#William Safire, "Great rules of writing" Schmetterlinge................................................................................................................................................................................................ You hate a writer who's just a writer. George Gordon, Lord Byron, "Beppo" Made from the pen of an angel's sash. If you want a beverage with fresh fountain bottled waters..... In" Two Epistles to a Friend" writer at dark, editor at sund. The writer is a racehorse for the cause.

The Living Way, herausgegeben von S.D. Simonds, Band III, 1872, bezieht sich auf Joaquin Miller und sein Gedicht "Isles of the Amazons" True Ease in Wiring vient de l'Art, pas du hasard, Comme ceux qui se déplacent le plus facilement qui ont appris à danser. It didn't help my fate.... but it kept doing what it always did: it made my fate lighter and more enjoyable.

It' s not about making a living, becoming popular, getting a date, having sex or making mates. Ultimately, it's about enrichening the lifes of those who will be reading your work, and also to enrich your own world. It' about getting up, getting better and getting over it. Like any other kind of artistic work, writings are magical, the waters of the world.

There is no charge for the use of the pool waters. It is a craft, and authors who do not use the best instruments they receive for their purposes must always work at a loss. Some of them try to get by without papers, pens and inks, but many seem to think that no other equipment is necessary.

Some authors seem to have an insuperable dislike for scissors and mucus in particular. If you want to glue two sheets of piece of paper together, glue the two parts together durably with the slime knife. If you want to add ten rows in the center of page 19 of your tightly-written script, for example, split the page into two parts at that point, put the suffix on a new page and add it by truncating the lower part so that the page with the remainder has a consistent page area.

Then, stick the remainder of the 19 sheets on a empty piece of your copy document and number it "19½" or "19A", then "19B," "19C," &c. Pencil sharpeners with reddish and bluish refills and a flask of reddish pen colour are inexpensive and convenient utensils that are rarely found on desktops.

Blotters, a large block of erasable wrapping papers, a case of elastic straps, a folding ruler with chamfered corners, everything saves a lot of valuable space, is always a pleasure and is always valued. Wrapping and drawer covers, encyclopaedias, cover folders and such aids merit particular heed. Heath for the Knight of the Pencil, heath for the Lord of Quill; heath for the authors of falsehood, heath for the collectors of facts; heath for the inkwell slave, heath for all of them, the artesi!

Using scrawled shreds of papers, o'er, Strew'd are the desktop, the desktop and the bottom, and another free seat. His Lord is sitting in the other; plundering his mind, breaking his mind, for parable or poem; Now write a line, now it erases it; Now o'he suspends another in question; Nor does he stop, nor does he think of it........

He' re not the first writer so affected. Or, if it is necessary, as is the case with some infertile spirits, to absorb the thoughts of others to pull their own, as dried pumps will not work until water is cast into them; in this necessity I would suggest some of the approved standard authors of antiquity for your review, as poets and wit;

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