What Writers say about Writing

Writers say about writing

Authors about writing quotations (956 quotes) There are two or three great and touching experience in our life - experience so great and touching that it does not appear as if someone else has become so overtaken and so hammered and blinded and so amazed and struck and beaten and fractured and saved and enlightened and recompensed and humiliated. C. JoyBell C. Live. Anyone who writes for a livin' makes huge trade-offs.

...... You will work diligently if you spend your whole lifetime writing; you will do what is true,

Eighty-five of the best quotes about writing (by writers)

It'?s a lonesome job. Any author - no matter how perfect, acclaimed or arcane - can be disheartened from time to time. However, the truth is that as a novelist, you are never alone. Quotations we have gathered below from authors spanning different periods and different styles testify to this fact.

Authors who inspired you..... Go to the'zone' - find the right author. The most important task of a novelist is to tell a tale. If it is a real history or a play of fantasy, humans associate themselves with histories (see above Write with emotion). If there is no history, typing is just a pile of words on a monitor or sheet of hard copy.

All of us begin as reader before we begin to type - even non-writers. However, reading on is more important to authors than to anyone else in the world. These authors will tell you why. Quotations from authors to get you inspired. It is undeniably the most important and difficult part of the letter.

Here you are learning to "kill" your babies and may have to keep some of your favourite words, sentences, heels and pages on the doormat. However, all good authors must be taught to become good authors. When you want to be a novelist, there is a good chance that you were originally conceived for it.

So why to tell a story with emotions is the right way. The most important thing for a author at the end of the working days is his or her work. Start typing using these inspiring citations. Sue Rice is known for her excellent typing abilities and strategical aptitude.

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