What Writer are you

Which writer are you?

You Are a Writer: One Quiz There are so many folks who write these days, but are you one of them? Ever wanted a sorting hat or Kinsey scale that tells you where you are? I don't wonder anymore: Take this trivia to find out! Genuine authors don't get an MFA. Genuine literary comes from fighting knives and the death of pox and crossing the Serengeti with only your mind and a sage bitch.

ARE YOU A LIFE ON PAPER? Duh, otherwise I wouldn't call myself a novelist. To be honest, if you write for cash, are you still a true author? YOU HAVE A LITERARY FIGURE? Homer didn't have an operative. So what do you mean, Homer wasn't a novelist?

All right, just because he didn't take down anything, like it meant something. It'?s all in the book. This seems like a really random test when you're a novelist? IS THERE ANOTHER AUTHOR? We are fortunate to have a multifaceted, gifted literature group. So if she existed and she's a novelist, can I existed and be a novelist?

I' m the only true author ever to have been written. Virtually everyone's a novelist except me. READING AUTHORS. I' m doing this trivia thing, but I' ve got a lot of fiction going on. Who' s the other author? TRUE AUTHORS CREATING POSSIBILITIES AND ENFORCING SELF-DISCIPLINE. ARE YOU WRITING EVERY SINGLE ONE? GODDAUGHTER, SHE'S A NOVELIST.

So what does she write? I mean, you could write really crappy things every single fucking working days. If I wrote down tracts for the Aryan Nazis every single working days, would that make me a novelist, would that make me a great literary hit? I' ll write every single one!

Who' s the other author? RESULTS: IF YOU ORDER THIS QUIZ: Of course you are not a author. An author would not take part in this trivia game, a author would write and earn emoluments and win prestige prizes. YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS QUIZ: You are not a novelist. As everyone knows, the sign of a real author is a case of serious fraudulence.

In every true author there is a horror of self-doubt. If you think you're a novelist, you can't be a novelist. when you hold this quiz: happy birthday. You' re a novelist.

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