What Writer are you

Which writer are you?

Participate in the quiz to discover your writing style and highlight your content. I' m so slippery, I couldn't be a science fiction writer anyway. The test will help you determine what kind of writer you are. Do this funny quiz to see which famous writer you resemble most.

Who are you writing sci-fi?

But I guess I'm rather patriot. I am a complete internatonalist and travelling everywhere. 5 ) Are You a complete jerk in your dealings with the opposite gender? I' m so slippery, I couldn't be a sci-fi author anyway. I' m happy now, so (thank God) I don't have to be worried about it anymore.

If I get pissed, the girls are warning each other to stay out of my way. I' m probably insulting a whole bunch more folks than I realise. I' m avoiding them as much as possible. I' m more at ease when I' m in the back. Somehow, but it's as much fun as it is art. It' a trade, and I'm proud to be a pro.

It' a good con - I wonder how much longer they' re gonna be paying me for it? I' m such a captivating speaker, I' m happy to talk more. I' m all about questioning, not answering. Can I tell you the true solution to some of the societal issues that blind the world?

Hell, it's almost full!

Quiz: What kind of author are you?

It' simple to get bogged down in your work and the whole typing world. Not all writers have the same write making processes; each author has his own way of getting closer to what he does best. The ( "non-scientific") trivia test will help you think about your way of typing and what makes you as an author special.

So what kind of novelist are you? Do the trivia game below. Choose the responses that best suit you, your interests and your character, your typing skills and your wishes. Retain a list of your responses throughout the entire contest so that you get exact results when you finish the game. They may find that you have written by more than one kind of writers, and that's fine!

If you start a write job, how would you describe the initial phases of your write work? I' m doing a great deal of research and spending a great deal of my spare minute making sketches and notices. What makes you think someone enjoys what you've just wrote? Which kind of letter do you prefer to read?

It' written creatively, or something that inspires me to think about it intensively or to sense something. Compiled by several authors and editorial staff, or anything on my books club's bookshelf. What do you want to be a novelist for? Why do you like to write? After all, I really like to hear what my practice group or grade thinks and I really like getting other people' s comments.

In a novel you're currently studying, what do you like best? They' re indispensable to anything you can type, and they should always be followed. When you' re working on a typing job, what do you usually do most of the work on? Research ing and drafting very detailled sketches. Lettering of several designs and application of overhauls.

How does your average daily life look like when you're working on a draft? I' ll begin at the same hour every morning and try my best to follow a typing cycle and timetable. I' m hesitating until I notice something or force myself to type, like a deadlines. I' m meditating, listening to musik or taking long strolls before something makes me do it.

So what is one of your greatest pets as a novelist? Letter that is not fact-checked or has gaps in the plot or has very realistic characteristics. To write that lasts forever to get to the point and is mentally tedious or insipid. Lettering that is flippant and not one-of-a-kind and has no true importance.

Letter that does not contain different points of views or conditions and is openly hegemonial. When you work on a typing job, where do you normally work? If you don't write, what do you like most? Would you consider it appropriate to incorporate slang or colloquial language into your texts?

To put it briefly, how would you describe your way of typing? Information, interesting, detailled and error-free. Shared this trivia with others so they can have a good time.

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