What to Wrote about

About what to write

They sat down at the computer to write an article for your website and.... your mind became empty.

About what to type if you don't know what to type about

When you' ve been with me lately, you'll know that I've shared my fights with my letter lately. Thoughts are not fluent and I seriously spoil my mind to even just type a few paragraphs or develop an ideas or thoughts to share. It' s bullshit to hold on to our own mind, and we have to get imaginative and find ways to keep on thinking, even when our mind yells "no".

So, what can we talk about when we have no clue what to talk about? While you may not be very inspirational, often it inspires that you just show up, and it's even more so when they know you're fighting to be there. We need a great deal of energy and energy to divide our own demise, especially now in a universe of human beings who only want to show the good in their life, but not the evil.

Everybody is fortunate to be sharing his victories and track records, but not many are willing to live with their pain, fear and failure. Tales of battle should not overthrow you and others, but they should raise them up out of their own misery and yours. Tales of your own fight allow humans to learnt from you and reconnect with you on a more intimate plane that would otherwise be impractical if we kept them within ourselves.

Tales like this make us strong, not weak. We have gone through tragedy, broken our hearts, achieved success, built a lifetime. Divide them if you want, because your whole live is really about it. It' s difficult to talk about inspirations when you don't find yourself particularly inspired, but when we look at our work so far, we find a plethora of information and suggestions from your own experience, families, books, weblogs, quotations, songs, your own work, customs that you have integrated into your own lives, films and even accidental thoughts - the thoughts?-?the universe is full of miracles that have provided us with bright notions in the past and will do it again.

Sharing with us the ressources that will guide you through your fights. There' s no lack of ressources and inspirations around us, the only limits we have are our own thoughts and so on. Do you know when you're in a state of suspense and someone asks you what you're thinkin'? I sometimes just think about what to ate or why my head looks like a piece of wadding (especially now that I've trimmed it short), but there are days when I'm really deeply in the process of reflecting on how I can get better, my lifestyle, where I want to be and how I can get there.

Whatever you want to split, I believe your narrative will affect at least one individual. They want to know what you think, no matter how strange they might seem or how inconsequential. You' re not alone in your fights. It would be worse to internalise everything (I am still studying to get out of this zone), because your tales, thoughts and experience are really something to be shared.

Had we all internalised our battles, we would have no real crafts. We have artworks in the making that are to be divided.

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