What to Write in Books

The things you write in books

What should I write in the books? It's like a child painting on the wall or painting on a table with crayons. Well, our readership really does put it in their book - here are photos to prove it | B├╝cher

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As one writes a dedication: Some hints

One of the readers of this blogs has asked for help in dedicating a work. You will see below that the contents, length and styles of the devotions differ greatly. These days, most devotions are brief. The only thing I would advise is not to use "dedication" as the heading on the dedicated page or "I dedicate" in the text of the inscription.

Can' t help citing a few samples of funny devotions (yes, some of them use "dedicate" in one way or another and some are quite long). Otherland writer Tad Williams obviously had a great time doing homework. The City of the Golden Shadow: This volume is devoted with loving care to my dearly beloved fathers Joseph Hill Evans.

Volume 2 / River of Blue Fire: This volume is devoted with loving care to my sire Joseph Hill Evans. Still hasn't realized this thing is devoted to him. Brochure 3 / Mountain of black glass: It' still devoted to you-know-who, even if he doesn't. Brochure 4 / Sea of Silver Light:

Well, no, he still hasn't realized. Wodehouse wrote these words for the dedicatory page of his novel The Sacred Heart of a Goof: My daugther Leonora, without whose never failsing affection and support this work would have been completed in half the while.

Wodehouse was an unruly author who could build humour out of nothing. Here is what he came up with for his Bertie Wooster Sees It Through: I' ve rather given up dedication in the last forty years. Today, when I am writing a script, it is just a script without flourishes.

It was the devotion that we were spreading. Once I was planning a textbook that was to be composed exclusively of devotions, but I gave up the concept because I couldn't think of a devotion for it. This could be the rough dedication: or perhaps, if we would feel a little Livree, the mischief: the bad dedication:

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