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The things you write in books

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marginia and why you should put in your book

If you record a reading volume, do you take a paper marker, willing to highlight the edges with your thoughts and suggestions? Indeed, your writing is part of a series of scripts referred to as marginals. Scribble on the pages of textbooks is a popular and relaxing experience for many people.

No matter whether it' comic dots and titles, historical teachings or more serious comments on text analyses, margins are just amazing. That'?s the nice thing about marginals. Firstly, for a lecture and make notices, margins are added to the literacy and educational cognition. Frequently, when we are writing things down, we will recall them better and in more detail in the years to come.

The use of the edges of our text to capture the most important points and why we accept or reject them, instead of just passive page by page read, will help us to deal more with the history, the point or the prop before us. margininalia are also marvelous to look back.

There is a piece of pride and prejudice that is on my bookshelf, and there are a row of notices, exclamations and asterisks around its edges. A vivid reminder of the period when I was reading the history and eventually deciding that this icons first movement only needed to be emphasized and emphasized with the words "love" in the edge.

To a certain extent, marginal notes make my copy of pride and preconception into a private artefact of responses to my favourite film. A look back at marginal notes is a great pleasure - jogging in your memories, if you like. To many, it is a private undertaking to write along the edges. You don't have to be worried that someone else will look at your takeaway or judge it by its response to certain parts, unless it hires a copy of its selected text, scribbles on the edges of a copy of a copy of the collection, or recounts it to you in a diary.

Marginalies can be pushed into people' s perception in these cases, for better or for bad. William Giraldi writes in an essay in the Los Angeles Review of Books: "Checkmarks, underlines, notes and Xs unveil the passage in Paradise Lost and other poetry that would so decisively affect Melville's own work.

The Marginalia also goes a long way in checking the genuineness of autographed works. It' s one thing to fake a petition, but it is almost not possible to copy an entire textbook with an author' s side notations. Have a look at the memos you leave on the edges and get a closer look at how this great poetry has inspired you to create the best-selling work you have since then.

Take your pen or a pen of your choosing and read. We want to know your opinion about marginals as a collector of literature. Are marginalities soon becoming a prodigal form of artistic expression or are there ways to keep the doodles? Writers, editors and lovers of a good composition, a lucky ending and the scent of old and new music.

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