What to think about when Writing a Book

Things to remember when writing a book

Plot - Now the plot is your big idea. What's the book about? You should know the answer, right? Soon you may think you will only write this book, but you will have more ideas for more books! Firstly, do not think in the technical terms mentioned above.

But, really, I think when it comes to writing a book, it's more of a gut thing.

Which are the most important points when writing a book?

Now, the plots are your big ideas. You should know the answers, right. Characters - Obviously there should be a personality your readership should be feeling for, when readership cries and laughs with your personality, you are a win. Unless you're writing an article, your hero is a vivid fantasy.

Highlight - Now comes the most important part, your book should arrive somewhere, the end, the turn or the morality if you don't type fun. There are many things you need to consider before writing a book, blogs or other contents. I would like to say that I would like to express some thoughts that I think are very important for writing a book.

Try to find out what you want to talk about first. Walk through a book that has similar ideas to your own and find out how to make your book stick out. But I think the most important thing is an frank reply to the simple questions "How much do I want to publish this book", because if the reply is not "A whole lot", you will probably give it up.

I would say it has to be something or someone - a subject or a figure - that you take very, very deep interest in, and it should be the kind of book you prefer to read - thrillers, romanticism, literature, whatever - because you already have an unconscious comprehension of the texture of these histories.

You have to deal with it as a relation, you have to oblige yourself to hold out even if it goes wrong or your focus wanders, otherwise it will end up as one of the (probably) 95% of all fiction that begins with high hope and ends incomplete. Create a small notepad of thoughts, characters details...and a synopsis of how you think the storyline should go on....

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