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The things you can do with books

A simple way to recycle books! Just enter the ISBN number of your books to get an immediate evaluation. Does anyone else feel disturbed by the large-scale dismantling of old books and magazines for frameable prints? Usually I keep them, but many people I know donate their books, small, large or even large collections, to their public library or a scientific library. If you love books as well as tricky things.

Recycling Books

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Books of the past and what you can do with them | Books

Would it be a better destiny to win old books for her paintings or to turn them into sculpture than the pulp mill? Thoughts from the frustrated artist about the hints, threads left and suggestions: One issue I've been considering lately is when is it okay to truncate old books? Since I like old copperplate engraving, I often look for books and journals with woodblock prints from the nineteenth c...

I also note that there are many bookstores selling books that are clearly out of old books and journals. It is obviously much more lucrative to buy such engraving - about 5 to 8 lbs each than to buy the books and journals themselves. For me it felt like a desecration - the stitches are taken out of their pristine contexts, the remnants of the volume are useless and uninteresting.

For my part, I think every bit of the past should be kept, including the more sensational Viktorian music. Who do other folks think? Does anyone else get bothered by the large-scale dismantling of old books and journals for frameable print? Is my position just a rather middle-class fetishist of books - a private possession that has no place on the pages of the books, since it's not about text, but only the stacks of hardback papers that give these text its physicality?

The use of old books for collages is a related issue. Simply Googgle the words "changed books". I would like to see an essay by someone with opinions. Someone in the bookshop, maybe. It is a fascinating topic that addresses a broader issue that we don't like to think about - what exactly happens to old books when nobody wants them anymore?

Too Many Books, following the path of three different people who streamlined their bookshelves (particularly affected was the history of the lady who tried to win her deceased husband's library ), went on to the second-hand bookstores and charity organizations where her rejections ended, and then briefly gesticulated at the last rest place for the books for which the last salons were exhausted: the pulp mill.

So there is an excuse that the books to which the frustration artist refers are the happy ones: better, safe, to be disembowelled than just to be stomped? However, although it seems undisputed that a continuous existence as mounted printing is to be preferred to incarnation as cartonboard or highway cover, is it probably better to keep the books as discreet as possible?

In the meantime, the demand for books as collages has become even more gnarled. How about the enigmatic sculpted books that have been abandoned in Edinburgh in recent years? I' d be proud to go on like this.

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