What to do when Writing a Book

How do I write a book?

Well, before you think: "I can't write. Whatever genre it's written for. Script proposal writing services for executives. You do not (yet) have to write a book to sell a non-fiction book. You will see that when you read the books he wrote about his writing career (see below), he did everything he had to do to publish his first book.

When you write in a genre like fantasy, where series are popular, you may feel pressured to produce a group of books, but only when history requires it.

Getting organized in authoring, proofreading and book promotion

Organized is sounding dull, isn't it? Unfortunately, when you have a great deal of responsibility - and the older you get, the more responsibility you simply don't have. You want to do something, you gotta be organized. Failing that, things will probably be overlooked or ignored and you simply won't make the most of the valuable work you have.

I' ve always missed being organized. But I didn't think about planning my books; I didn't know how I would spend my days; I just depended on the memories for everything from the grocery lists to when I had to take Nan to the hospitals. As my memories deteriorated, I realized that the organization was a necessary scourge.

I' still have periods when I'm not as organized as I'd like to be - usually when the monster in my mind overwhelms me - but in most cases I'm pretty organized. This does not mean that you cannot profit from a better organization. I' ve got almost 350 memos on my cell now.

If it' s clear, it's easy to spell. that I forgot Nan's dates to the hospitals? So we know where the folks are and when we can't reach them. This way I have no apology to miss, because even if I can't listen to my mobile there will be a message the next times I scan the monitor.

I' m very, very much against using Microsoft World to write literature. With Scrivener you can organize your texts into subfolders, keep all your memos together and not have a single giant 100,000 words file on your face. 3,000 words or less are significantly less daunting if you need to focus.

When you don't type in chronological order (like me), programmes like this are great because they mean that you can put your novel together like a puzzle once the major sequences are in place. Almost forward only two years, and I would never compose a novel without drawing it first. If you are writing in accidental order, it is essential to have a plotter that you can fall back on so you know where to fill holes.

This means that you always have something to fall back on when you get lost, no matter where you are. It is a to-do listing with one turn. It' s not just about what you have to do, it's about every phase of the writeing-method. That makes the whole operation less daunting.

And not only that, but you get a nice, happy sensation every single times you do! Please take some free and easy times to part with your projects. You will be amazed at how often you look back on your current work and ask yourself what you did during its creation. Each entry you see in this diary will be published at a certain point in the day (Thursdays at 6am GMT, FYI).

Utilities such as Buffer, SmarterQueue and HootSuite allow you to plan your postings in anticipation so that you can post at the optimal moment, even if you are not on your computer or telephone at that one.

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