What to do when Writing a Book

How do I write a book?

I' d like to give you some quick tips on how to write your own book quickly and painlessly no matter for which genre or for whom it was written. These are some links to book reviews to make you think. It' hard to be both author and editor. He has written over fifty books. So, how does he do it?

A number of analysts said that one syopsis should be 500 words, others said 750.

A number of pundits said that a consultation brief should be personalised, others said not to mind. "The authors called for the right answers."

As an author, your career is one of a kind, and the best thing you can do is learn, grow, work and develop.

It is something that develops over the years, with many ups and downs, just like any other careers.

To land an agents at a meeting is only one way to write successfully. Accept the long-term perspective of your typing and you are much more likely to have a long and rewarding one.

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