What to do after you Write a Book

After you write a book, what can you do?

That question may sound ignorant, but I'm working on my first novel. Which you have to do after you have written your e-book. They can write a book - you just need to know the steps. As soon as you have agreed on WHY, let this purpose help to focus your writing. Anything you write about your book first won't match the dream book in your head.

Write a book: After the first draft, what happens?

It is not a first design, but it is a move in the right sense and the plot times were urgently needed. You may have'won' NaNo or you have the first design of another volume in your tray, but we all have to take the next stage in the production to get a final one.

This is my trial, and I think it's important whether you are a novice or a non-fiction writer. Well, I like to rewrite and edit. As soon as I have a first design, I start printing it out and make the first run with hand-written notices. I' m scribbling and crossing things off.

I' ll go back and begin a big re-write of this. I' ll reprint and redo the operation, but this usually leads to fewer changes. I' ll work on the Kindle for the wording. If this is your first volume or the first volume in a serial, I strongly suggest that you do some editing.

You are usually provided with a structure editing as a seperate file, which is divided into parts depending on what is used. So I had a structured editing for Stone of Fire (formerly Pentecost) in 2010 and told about this as well. Since the other ARKANE books have a similar formulation, I have not received any changes to the structure of Crypt of Bone and Ark of blood.

But I' ll get one for the new thriller when it's finished, because it's a different kind of work. Here'show an independant publisher if you're considering one. BetAssemblers are a trustworthy group of individuals who rate your books from a reader's view.

One should give them the work only if one is satisfied with it, otherwise it is irreverent towards their age. If more than one individual says the same thing, my primary policy for betas is to make changes. For more information on our betas please click here. Lines are the classical manuscripts coated with scarlet inks, because an editors cuts your work into chunks!

One of these changes can be received before or after the betas or even at the same one. Afterwards, I favour it because I am changing the text more widely on the basis of their opinion, so I want the line editors to get the almost definitive one. For the first tweak a line like that, it aches.

and then someone changes virtually every line. You will need to make further changes on the basis of feedbacks from your betas and line editors. Sometimes this can be like a completely new version and can take a long pause as you have to review each phrase.

Normally I make about 75% of the changes proposed by the line editors, because they usually make sense, even though I'm initially resistent. Your line edit fixes have unavoidably shown more problems, albeit smaller ones. After Crypt of Bone was released, I even got an e-mail from a readership who congratulated me because they hadn't found a spec.

A few people really take note of what I am thankful for and that the additional investments can ultimately be worthwhile when it comes to polish the end result. I' ll back up the data several copies, as I did during the whole time. Each author is different, and there are no by-laws.

However, in relation to timing, your review will probably take at least as long as the first design and probably longer (unless you are just Lee Child writing a design!). My newest work, Exodus, took about 3 month for the first design and about 6 month for the transcription of it.

Regarding cash, I would budge between $500 - $2000, according to what skill you are looking for, and how many laps. In all these different phases, I believe that proofreading is important, because it is our duty to ensure that our accounts are as good as possible. If you can't do it professionally, consider using a group of critics either local or on-line.

If there are more attention to the books before they go out into the wide open spaces, the better. What does your processing look like?

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