What to do after you Write a Book

After you write a book, what can you do?

Do not do this until your book is finished, sanded and polished. The following steps must be performed in the following order: Be careful what ideas you write down. When you surf online, you talk about writing a second draft and then a third and a third one. Or, you finished your manuscript but didn't know what to do afterwards.

There are 7 things you need to do after your work is finished.

You' ve completed your first volume. Now, for the difficult part: do what is necessary to get your read. Did you know that an unfamiliar self-publisher or small publisher only publishes on paper up to 250 of them? It has been nominated Independent Reserve of the Year 2014, was Grand Prize Winner of the Great Midwest Festival 2014 and Second at the Southern California Buch Festival 2014.

A concertmaker, song writer, playwright and businessman, DiCesare began his musical careers at the beginning of the rock-n-roll age. I thought I was an advertising pro. I' d used my whole carreer to promote and support folks and activities. In 1964, after I brought the Beatles to Pittsburgh, I spend the next 50 years promotein' gigs for all the great artists in the industry, from The Donors to The Rolling Stones to Bruce Springsteen.

Sitting down to review my memoirs about these Hard Days Hard Nights I soon realised that the policies that helped me so well back then - namely broadcasting and newspapers ads and relationships with the press - would no longer be enough to ensure my continued prosperity in today's information world. When you are a first-time author like me, you probably never thought how much work is associated with the sale of your work.

I am - a previously unfamiliar writer with no prior knowledge - with a bestselling eBook that currently ranks second in its particular group. I' ve learnt that a great album can highlight your books on the Amazon page and shelves and inspire reading.

In order to achieve an overall picture, an eye-catching magazine and an appealing front page must be included. You can go to free advertising. I' m sending out newsletters to announce my books' signatures and accolades. Search for typing organisations in your area and get actively engaged in their work. Last year I became a Pennwriters Group member and will be giving talks at two of their next work-shops.

Organise your signatures. I am astonished at the number of visitors and how lucky they are to speak to the writer of a textbook they like. I can' t get the same amount of cash as when a big supporter says how much my story inspires him.

I' m always trying to get interested in my books without asking anyone to BUY them. As I started to write my eBook, my aim was to achieve Amazon's No. 1 bestselling site. It is currently in second place in its class, so I have more to do.

I also use my lesson learnt to start pre-marketing my forthcoming publication Promotion You. I would like the Great Writers' Conference : yet ? Six precepts for medical thriller authoring. The MacGregor Literary Agency's Holly Lorincz is looking for historical romance, western and fiction. ROSLIN: How I Got My Literary Agent:

Find out everything about his typing instructions, how to get your name posted, how to find a literature salesman and how to write a request letter: BooksGET A LANTERARY ADVISORY from 2015 give advices from more than 110 frahlings who give advices on questions, crafts, the filing and search.

Fill with all the advices you will ever need to find an agency, this is a great companion guide to literary agents for the agency data base.

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