What to do after you Write a Book

After you write a book, what can you do?

Couldn't write the book one word at a time. I' ve written a bunch of short stories, put them together in a book and published the book. Shall I take their advice? The mission of this book is to make you a sought-after consultant? Following the writing of the book, there is to publish, promote and announce.

If you' re gonna end your novel, then what?

How does it feel to end a novel? The New York Times Book Review last Sunday was probably best for Hilary Mantel, writer of Wolf Hall and bringing up the bodies. The best thing for her is to write a book: However, the fun is double-edged, because from this point on you will work unhuman lessons without worrying about your own physical condition or your personal interrelations. You will go this way like a loading Taurus.

While you are composing a book, you are bound to encounter a road block (or six). How does it feel to end a novel? They actually wrote "the end" on something that someone could eventually be reading. They could even have a book festival to commemorate the script and show it to everyone. What follows, unfortunately, is not always immediate adoption by an agen, an editorial or even your betas reader and buddies.

Normally what happens is the rest from rest, a big gaping pierce of ear-splitting stillness while you are waiting for someone, everyone, even your mother, to please study the book and tell you what they think. Above all, you are robbed because the people you' ve been with for nine month or nine years no longer live in your skull.

After all, you notice that after a novel is finished, your lives are exactly the same, only that you are overtired. Then what do we do? You will be hearing from your agents, your editors and your betalers. Ultimately, you start the hard task of reorganizing, reworking and repeating your essays as you screen out the next design (or six) of your book.

Vocals are back in your mind, even if they're not quite as vocal as they were the first to be. Then what, after you're really, you' re done with your book? There' s going to be another history to write. Authors can't help us. We know that the homework can - and should - be waiting when there is a book to write.

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