What should I Write my novel about

About what should I write my novel?

Don't take it to heart if it's not the novel you want to write. Try this quiz and find out what you should write about. What is the best way to write ideas, I would suggest using a pen and a diary in pocket format. Would you like to sell thousands of copies of your novel? Perhaps you would like to sell via an agent to a traditional publisher.

Which kind of novel should you write?

Which kind of novel should you write? More and more Wounders, which variety is exactly the right one for you. Don't take it to your head if it's not the novel you want to write. Write a novel? Forfeit what you want to write about? Try this trivia game and find out what you should write about.

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How do I best write down my novel idea?

More interestingly, should you even keep a ledger? The simplest way to be fooled by your own thoughts is a notepad; it is easy to turn into an oasis of moderateness because it keeps thoughts that should have been dying the minute they were designed. Yeah, I think you should keep a ledger, but not hang it.

Sometimes deliberately loose one, cremate a pair, or quarrel with one in the neighborhood when you need to - by whatever means, keep the fact that your thoughts, brainstorms, thoughts, opinions, convictions, etc., are not always useful. It is interesting that Stephen King is not a supporter of the notepad (for the above reason), while Oliver Sacks (legendary character in neuroscience, psychology) took extensive journals all the while he was alive.

Decipher yourself by discovering what works for you, by experimentation with memos and not taking them. However, keep in mind that the best idea does not have to be inscribed. It can even be damaging to write them down - especially if you write many - because it allows you to lose yourself, to unwind, to take your own sweet moments; so great things are either stole or moderately treated.

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