What should I Write a Story about

About what should I write a story?

There are creative writing lessons in class, and the best part is, it can last as long as you want! Although it must be at least one paragraph. You tell the stories you haven't told yet. Well-written writers know that if they want others to read what they write, they should write what they want to write AND keep the reader in mind. That is why there are whole industries so that we can tell our stories better.

About what should you write?

If you don't know what to write about, what do you do? If you are pinned down, concerned or wonder what to say next, write anyway. You write about things that nobody talks about. You can write about the things that whisper in your ears, that seem weird or that seem weird.

About the things you are not sure whether to say. Describe what makes you mad or what seems to be a paradox. Type about how the New York Times keeps typing about how we should get more sleep, eating less sugars, drinking less coffees, going more, and that seating is ?and - and Yet what if the folks who write the songs are still alive sugar-filled, decaffeinated, steady living?

How do you actually make habits shift or encourage them? Talk about how Fastg Company is talking about online sunbathing, but it never seems to stop posted on the bloody web. It feels like I'm going to drown in almost company Facebook posts. It' like FastBook, only it's too quick for me and I want to take it slower.

Perhaps Fastg Company can take a little bit of our own free online Sabbathical and rescue the remainder of us for a whole orphanage. Describe how the tide of Lifecoachers means something significant (maybe we're all really messed up? ) or that we're in a constantly growing tide of information possibilities on the web, which is just a funky information system in costume (I believe it? I don't know); or, alternative and more optimistic, that the notion of a Lifecoach points to a civilization that has something wasted.

Describe a civilization that has forgot how to describe the value of those with tremendous insight, of minds, of friends, of old men and of co-workers who give us the ever scarcer resources of space and attent. Perhaps-and you should write about it, or maybe I should too, we will see - maybe that means that we are a civilization without significance, that we have abandoned the ceremonies, customs, and deep connections to the world and to our own intellectuality (to God, to the universes, to everything).

Speak about how our loving relationship with the scientific community after epiphany has taken us so far from the knowing and knowing we have had for millennia and millennia that we are now thrilled with findings that should make us humbly about past sentiments, not arrogantly about these findings. Describe what it's like to be inquisitive.

Describe what it's like to see. Write it out really - the detail and nuance and subtlety of where you are and who you are. Describe how we are being transformed by next-generation technologies and networking and what you think about the evolution of the web. Speak about the state of the art and whether or not we will benefit from the democratic and network.

Explain issues around the globe that we collective disregard because a young teenager's pelvic spins are more fascinating than the murder of 12 people. Type about how the next $500 e-book or self-guided course is not going to get you where you want if you don't actually do it.

Are you wondering why folks buy things and still don't take measures. and your inner emotions, which you've been trapping for years. Describe what it's like to be you, what makes you furious and what makes you feel serene. You write about the instruments with which you stun yourself, because we all try in desperation to prevent sorrow and poverty, and because we fill ourselves with coffeine, sugars, stimulation, pots, televisions, phones as well as other instants that fill our mind with aversion.

About the things we do to sedate ourselves. Describe what it's like to be Ionely. Describe what it is like to be a singular nucleus in your own bodies, a tiny thing so small that it is difficult to understand; yet it depends on the amount of breath you are breathing and the amount of fresh and fresh sea you give it to pulsate and strike and execute its missions.

Describe how much fear of death you have. Explain what it is like to loose someone you like and ask yourself why we get those god damn emotions that are hurting us so much. Seriously, what good are emotions? Tell me about what it's like to be you right here, right now.

You can write about what you are feeling and have an open discussion with yourself about it. In large, nice writing on the inside of your flesh (or the outside) and on the wall of your home and in the edges and sides of your thumbsbooks. Explain about the fact that we no longer have a wall or that we have inherent barrier to say no, and so we are continually overwhelmed with inquiries that make us fearful, weary, and bumble.

Describe what the futures of Steve Jobs will tell us and how our shared idolatry could be erased if we find that the emergence of the private and portable computer - while an extraordinary instrument for man's creative power - has also caused the unintentional effects of a contribution to alarmingly obese and settled people to decrease our inner IQs as much as they have grown with the information accessed that we made possible.

Be amazed at the way the web is shaping our futures and how it is transforming our world. Challenging Seth Godin, give him an article to think about, ask each of your fools, mail me to tell me I'm mistaken and give me in-depth samples, check your mantrams, and begin a discussion that takes longer than a 500-word listing entry or a 140-character audio mouth.

Consider twice the information given to you. I' m betting that Seth would be intrigued by the talk you're creating. So? Quit trying so much to be right and good-looking, and just be what you are: chaotic, adorable, pretty, guilty, and by the way, you will be dying too.

Describe those with kidney tiredness who are too weary to keep up with work. Describe how an obsession wittily productive mind wear down the hearts of the most hard working individuals; the individuals we need to stay alive. Type what a wasted amount of e-mail.

Describe how you would do things differently - and then write about how many footsteps and stumbling blocks it took to make it come true, rather than just about it. Describe how your blood flows in your hands when you are holding a small child, because just for a second, the energies of the earth move through your centre of the cardiac system and you have the feeling of being calm and at the same moment you are feeling the impracticable trembling of a lifetime pulsating in your hands, and you are afraid because the weeping crap is on you, and you are not afraid,

you are somehow linked by your canticles to a deep bottom of being, and in this happiness you look at the boundless opportunities in this minute breathable being and think, damn, that's just great, just like that... and you look at yourself and think what the hell just happen?

If we were to talk a little more about the messesome places, we might be a little less alone and a little more united. I wonder how things are changing. Exactly what is it? Which colour is it? Explain what it's like to be a prisoner in your own system. Choose an item and tell the story of its lifetime.

Speak about what it was before it came into your mind, where it was done and how its existence overlapped with yours. Type about something that isn't said. When you have a thought, gag or quirky mind - and you want to scold, write or alter the subject - do it.

Describe the things that should be different. Describe what you think nobody says and what needs to be said. Type what everyone else is saying, because your vote is really something to be heard, and for someone else your words may be the first you' ve heard this one. Make a story about a meeting that pays off.

Tell us about your experiences and then write about how this is related to major problems. Make your story. You write about what it's like to be you. For the sake of charity, tell your story and say what needs to be said. There' s a lot to write. Come join marketing professionals, communication professionals and up-and-coming creative people in my forthcoming Writer's Workshop.

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