What should I Write a Book about

I don't know what to write a book about.

If you hadn't shared, if you died tomorrow, what would you be sad about? Not a million copies have been sold and I can't pay the rent with the profit. But it's one of the best things I've ever done. I don't know what I mean. who' to write a book, the advantages of writing and how to do it.

About what should I be writing in my first volume?

Why do you burn with absolute fervor to tell the whole wide public about it? Put it down. If nothing matches this definition, don't trouble to just sit around making a single copy and waste everyone's precious free space, even your own. When you' ve hidden it, why are you trying to do it? It' like I'm asking you, what should I be eating if I'm not starving?

When you want to compose a textbook, you have to begin with a piece of an original concept - then work on it. It' just crazy to want to create a script that doesn't have an invention. You could do that, you'd have a hell of a shot at becoming a winning writer.

Akademische Autoren, whose textbooks are selected as course guides, are the real success writers more than the best-selling writers. Well, there are different types of plot you can create. However, many individuals specialise in one way of letter. So why are you doing a little script? Whoever writes bibliographies is forced to do so.

It sounds like you're just gonna sit there and say, "Oh, I should just go to the library and start reading" without really being hungry. Authors are hungry. Authors have passions. You can' t do more than you can inhale. Want to *write*, or want to become an writer, and authoring is what you have to do to get there?

When the latter, go on a pastime that really excites you. One day, when you have an episode that is burning in your mind, keeps you alert at nights, and you can't concentrate on everything else that isn't in the file.... then you should do it. And if you don't already have a passion for reading, do something else you care about.

Authors have a lot of good thoughts. We' re written because we' re a steady stream of inspiration. That' when you know you have a tendency to type. Don't make a ledger just because. But until this bright notion is born, I suggest you stop by Where the Worlders Go to Watch (Poetry, Stories, Contests and more!) to get some inspiring challenges to keep your typing skills up to date as you think about what history you can tell them.

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