What's the best way to Write a Book

What is the best way to write a book?

Wonder what they need to succeed. It' your novel and it's yours, so do what's convenient. The thing I love about this tool is how easy it is to use. You wonder which software makes writing and publishing easier. Find out that you don't need drugs to be a good writer.

What is the most difficult part of the process of composing a work?

In October 2012 I began to compose my first volume. I hadn' t even tried to make a journal before I began composing the first one. It' the first creativeness I ever wrote, something I wanted to do. It is a little bit hard for me when I began working on my first volume because I am not a mother tongue read.

My fluency in written and spoken German was not good enough and my lexicon was not even a percent of what an ordinary writer has. As I was putting my words into the textbook, it was difficult because the words were not so good. When I realized this thing, I began to learn 10 words of England every day.

In July 2013 I finished to write two scripts of my work. When I had written the first script, I showed it to my dad, who asked me to make further effort, and the second script was the upshot. The two scripts were hand-written and no editor would approve the hand-written copy.

So my father got me a book and somehow my folks and my boyfriends persuaded me that I had to do the whole work. Thought of going to a commercial typist and typeing everything, but my writing was so beautiful that I wanted to do it myself, and someone proposed that I should write every single words myself to get me into the depths of the work.

Finally, in July 2014, I wrote the whole script. 2 - Entering the script on my notebook was the second most difficult thing for me. I was looking for a good editor in 2013 while I was typewriting. I' ve sent my scripts to HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Rupa Publications and some other publishing houses.

In March 2014 I had a publishers who released my work. My editor and I signed a deal by September 2014 and began the pre-publishing operation. This means that I received my revised script in the first weeks of February. It took me another two month to hold the definitive copy of my work.

It is the last fortnight in April 2015 when I released my work. 4 - After I had written a volume, it was the 4th toughest thing for me to get it done with the first release phases. When I was working on getting my first volume through the pre-publishing cycle in February 2015, I began to write my second volume.

Took me six and a half years to finish the work. It is September, when I read the script of the second volume, I destroyed it as soon as I finished with it. Because I hadn't done my best, I didn't say a thing in the script. So I destroyed the 220-page script.

It was more like tech rather than literature. I began to write again. About 15-20 pages when I thought about putting the script directly into the notebook instead of pages. So I began to write the new script of the second volume on the notebook.

But words and action didn't flow so lightly when I typed. I could only types 30-35 pages in 4 month because I spent more of my free day working on my work, proofreading my vocabulary than I did on my work. When I realized my error, I thought for a while to stop scribbling.

When I had finished my writings, I reread the script of the second work. While I was very nervous to finish and finish the script, I felt that I lacked the necessary expertise and thought-procedure. So I began studying and using more than before, I began to post more on-line, so I got immediate feedbacks.

So I began to listen more to the folks around me so that I could better comprehend their point of view and record it in my second work. But all I could do was get myself to do the second one. Took me a year to realize that I had to spend 2-3 lessons a day sitting and I had to finish the second one. I had lied to someone who kept asking me about my second one.

It was often associated with a writer's death but another part of my spirit knew that it was just a fake state that I had made so that I would no longer have to work. 6 - Making me sitting down to finish the script was the 6th most hard thing for me. Now that I've begun to compose the second volume, it's harder for me to better articulate my thoughts even after I' ve read these many more.

However now I have made a point to be sitting and typing 5-6 pages every day no matter what. 7 - Well, from now on regular lettering is the 7th toughest thing for me. This is some of the most difficult things when you' re typing a work. So I think you'd like to see some of my book-related responses, some of which include a few suggestions.

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