What's it like to be a Writer

What is it like to be a writer?

The only thing that really doesn't exist is what works for you. How does an ordinary literary career look like? Most, but not all of us, write on the computer or typing machine, but other authors, just as good at composing, design long hands and then rework as they type the text into the computer. Others like cooking and see it as a break from typing, others like it. Following a deadlines doesn't get you a writer's death sentence;

looking at an empty display is a depression and you need to put something down quickly..... this can quickly give you files with semi-formal histories that are valuable to keep, but can become a bad dream to work with.

Ergo, this can very quickly become very quickly daunting, and you start asking who reads your work, and why you create so many histories... however, those histories can become the inspirational source for a new piece, so they are so often so valuable storing and examining each one. Stare at the wallpaper and try to focus on the subject, get encouraged to turn on your notebook and then stare at the empty monitor, get up to get a cup of tea so you can "sit back" and concentrate, decide that you will be playing matches on your cell phones "just while you're drinking your coffee", not sit very much until the middle of the night and then get a whiff of great words and thoughts as your eye yells at you to go to sleep and shut it, but you don't.

I either surf the web, play videogames or do something other than work. I sometimes try to compel myself to type and then, when I do, I find that I have no idea to post about. So.... I play videogames again, etc....... Sitting at the computer (or typing or with your pens and paper) every single working hour at the same hour and every second.

I' m getting up, playing a computer match and watch InTube. Coming home and relaxing a little before turning on and recording for about an hours or so. We' re playing solitaire matches, drinking tea, enjoying supper with our families, just like everyone else. Don't forget to forget to type.

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