What Program should I use to Write a Book

Which program should I use to write a book?

All you have to do is type everything into a word processor! Don't use double dashes (--) to express a pause in a thought or a period of time. Do not use additional spaces or tabs to indent the first line of each paragraph. Is a one-sided letter that describes you, your book and why a publisher wants to buy this book from you. Which writing program should I use?

creativriting - Which programme should I use to create the first version of my novel?

I' m a big Microsoft OneNote writer. Even though it is conceived and sold as a memo app, it does easy text editing tasks very well and allows me to write all my texts directly on the page. In addition, it treats pictures, hyperlinks and memos very seamlessly so that I can easily visualize and comment on them as I work.

These are subdivided into different types of section (and, if necessary, section groups), which are subdivided into pages. There is a tendency to have a notepad for each of my projects, then chapters for characters, for world building and for chapters, then a page for each of them. Of what I have seen from Scrivener, it seems that OneNote and Scrivener are very similar, but I find that OneNote is more complete and user-friendly than Scrivener.

Writing a work in less than 24hrs.

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