What makes Writing Effective

How is writing effective?

Literacy skills will help you progress in almost any profession. Write effective paragraphs Writer's Web (printable version here). Making your writing immediately more effective You want to be a better author? Literacy will help you progress in almost any job. So while we've been talking a great deal in the past about ways to make your writing better, here's another thing: writing less.

Type short, simple words and less of them. You' ll be more intelligent and your communications will be much more effective.

Or, rather, if you are trying to convey something in writing, keep it easy so you don't loose no one. It' a frequent mistake that homosapiens make when they try to ring wise. Makes you look like you're trying too much, and folks will stop because they can't focus.

So while I know that most of you wouldn't be writing something as ludicrous as my example, you might be able to put something like, say, in a covering note like: Don't put that down. Use this instead: These are some samples of better and more concise phrases: As every journalist knows, writing in brief is much more difficult than writing in long.

When you ask an author for 800 words, the probability is much higher that he will be writing 1000 than 700. Writing is a capability that must be mastered. Keep in mind the attentional span is brief. Do the best you can with what you have. This is a souvenir once sent to his baton by the recruiter David Ogilvy:

"In Ogilvy & Mather, the better you spell, the higher you go. If you think well, you spell well. Voluptuous men are writing voluptuous notes, voluptuous deeds, and voluptuous orations. Writing well is not a self-evident talent. You' ve got to study how to do well. Have a look at the Raphaelson novel about writing. Speak like you say.

You can use brief words, phrases and heels. Avoid writing more than two pages on the same topic. You should never post a note or note on the date you do. Ensure that before sending your note or memorandum, it is clear what the receiver should do.

When you want ACTION, do not type. You go tell the dude what you want.

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