What makes a great Short Story

The essence of a great short story

Efficiently build to a climax. Your property needs to be built efficiently in short stories - emphasis on short stories. Each paragraph, each sentence, each word should bring the reader closer to the climax. When a piece does not serve this purpose, cut it off. Consider what decisions the author has made and why he has made them.

Flash-on-the-fiction: So what makes a successful short story?

In order for a story to be a full story, we only need a small part of the story that needs to be solved. It is not always something that happens on the outside but on the inside that is solved in a story. The authors are often asked that their protagonists have to somehow shift from the beginning of the story to the end, and usually they take it so that something big has to come up (see previous article on mortality, illness, Zombie, etc.).

Emotions can be changed. There is a possibility that the way you see something can be changed. An atmosphere can be changed. You know, a person could just choose to make his or her own infusions. Likewise, many of my fellow undergraduates are happy when I add 1-2 pages of literature or short stories, as they think that the less they have to type, the simpler it gets.

Typing text in microfiction, short film, postcards and suddenly translated text does not mean that you just type 1-2 pages. For a well-done fictional story, the same "rules" are used. That means that the author has much less timeframe to build a credible universe before trying to solve something in it.

Lydia Davis, one of the champions of short films is the novelist and creator of The Thirteenth Woman andOther Storys, Breake It Down and Varieties of Disturbance. In the Collected States of Lydia Davis their tales were jointly released. Their story below is an example of how little needs to be changed for the story to be "complete".

" Almost every mornings a certain lady comes out of the home with her face whitened and her coat fluttering wild. One of us ran to her and held her until her anxiety had subsided. However, we get it, because there is hardly one of us who has not been persuaded at some point to do exactly what she has done, and each and every one of us has used all our energy and even the power of our dear ones and our family to calm us down.

David has selected a fictional moment: the lady who comes out of her home and yells "emergency, emergency" every single second. That the neighbours help this lady, but that they are sensitive towards her, that she is representing the wishes and needs of all, makes the contentment emotion.

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