What makes a great novel

The essence of a great novel

Tales are the backbone of what makes us human. Is it possible to give this novel the label of grandeur? No. Because it would not have passed the test of time. So is it good?

The question, which refers to one or two novels unknown to my interlocutor, came up again and again during my field work in Beirut.

The essence of a great novel

Tales are the spine of what makes us people. It is as naturally as the rising star that we tell them, tell them, tell them, listen to them and tell them. He said he would let many things go by letter, and the world' s readership has learnt great truth from the books of our time.

However, if you write a novel from this point of view, it will sink so much into "seriousness" that all (agents, writers, readers) will give it up more quickly than you can say the Pulitzer Prize. After all, fiction is supposed to be entertaining. Have you never taken up this new, "big", important novel and looked for a section "Blech"!

If a novel doesn't take you to another underworld ( "even if that's in the head of the protagonist ), your allegiance to him will fall apart like a Hollywood-mare. This is one of the reasons why we have so many different fictional categories and subsets.

So the point is that the stories you like to study, and more important for our purpose of writing, may have been a lot of things to you, but first and foremost they kept you amused - even if only in your own mind. All you as a novelist know is that you must have the element of a great notion.

This requires a lot of work, studies, instruction and a lot of typing. You can learn the instruments of great literacy - whether it' a fictional or non-fictional one. Characterisation, plot, organisation and texture, vocals, sound, etc. - all this must be there for a novel to work. Through the mastery of these principles (so illusory easy, isn't it?) we create enchantment from the great notion.

So we' ll keep them for the next few moths. However, you have to acquire these abilities before your okay or even good novel becomes great. It is the element of the great fairy tale that forms the basis on which you bring this fantastic tale into the sky of the bestselling cathedral.

Did I enjoy composing this passage/chapter/book? The most important thing is, with all these solid in your armoury, then let your creative freedom run wild. That'?s what makes great destiny.

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