What makes a good Story opening

So what makes a good story opening?

First it doesn't make sense because it refers to things we don't know about yet. Edit: To clarify further, I want to know what a good opening line/chapter does, not how to start it. Not a' How to get started' post. " Don't start with prehistory" like "The Great Gatsby"? So what makes a good opening story?

Making a good story, part 1

He is a good author who never thinks he has mastery of every facet of the written word. I still have a great deal to teach when it comes to story opens. That' s why I keep researching and practicing storytelling. Here is what I have learnt. If your story or novel is picked up by an agent, editor or reader, your introductory articles will get the most interest.

You don't hang them fast, they'll write your story and move on. So what makes a good opening story? It should be a good story opening: Characters find that something is more complicated than they expect. Your characters learn something new and exciting. Your characters arrive in an unknown place. Characters meet someone who influences them in some way.

Things happen in the characters lives like loss of a career, a motor accident, a struggle with a boyfriend or boyfriend, etc. All in the opening the story should move towards a momentum of transformation in the characters lives. Asking a question like this while you're thinking, writing, and checking your opening can be helpful:

What is this nature in my opening, and is the existence of the nature necessary? So where is the opening and why is this attitude important? Which are the minimal information I have to give about the settings in the opening to make sure that the readers are earthed in it? Is it necessary to communicate these particulars immediately (or can I sit back and listen until a later sequence where they are more relevant)?

So why should the readers be concerned about this personality and its destiny? Who are the issues I create in the reader's head? In the opening, what kind of emotive events are recorded that mirror the remainder of the story? Which good and evil characteristics of the characteristics are important in this age?

If you' re willing to redo the opening: Will the whole background story be pertinent to the scenes in which it reappear? Is the recruitment description as brief and pertinent as possible? Is it possible that a person shares his or her own thoughts, self-observation and past memory? Do you overuse any jargon or adverbia in the opening?

It is said that an author should proportionately devote more of his or her free speaking hours to the opening of the story than to most other parts of the story. One thing that can be useful is to transcribe and re-edit the opening scenes several people. When this opening is of interest to you, it will probably do the same for your reader.

In the second part next weeks, we will look at how to read and practise opening movements.

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