What kind of Story should I Write

Which kind of history should I write?

That's probably not entirely correct. So which one sounds like fun writing? Don't sit down to write a story without knowing what you are trying to create. If you were in a horror movie, what role would you play? More and more Wounder, which variety is exactly the right one for you.

Which story should you write?

Would you like Twilight, Hunger Games or Harry Potter more? So far, how successfully have you tried to write real literature? So if you haven't tried to write real world literature yet, choose'okay', whichever you like? What is your favorite category? Which of the following names / types do you like best?

What do you like reading about the most? What colors do you like? What number do you like? Which dress styles do you like ("girls and boys", where necessary)? Which is your most popular and enjoyable type? Which do you have the most feelings about? Doesn't make any difference how you felt about her.

So what's the meaning of the term lovemaking? So what is our real livelihood? Which is the more appealing to you? Well, how would you rather say hello? What way do you like to say good-bye?

Which kind of story should you write?

This is a story about a girl/boy in a far away empire or on a far away planetary system trying to rescue their planetary/realm from the greatest villain they have ever seen. It' about someone who goes to college and gets harassed every day because she's not beautiful enough or he's not quick enough, but in the end they think they shouldn't mind what others think.

Extraterrestrial travelling to Earth in 2065, dressed up and asked to find the extraterrestrial number 194756 who escapes and is himself. If you ask the bookseller for a novel, she will bring you six, each of a different kind. You' ve chosen? That one about the dark lady trying to get away from the South!

Have you chosen a particular category? Imagination, escaping to a new country with new and complex things! I' ve decided to write a poetry or a haiku. A little bit about a girl/boy escaping the Second World War or so. Now, fear because I would write something about a young woman who is afflicted and possessed by a spirit, but I will weaken it - there are scary cat in my group.

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