What it Takes to Write a Book

So what does it take to write a book?

How long does it take to write a book anyway? It takes time to write a novel. Some authors are very fine and controlled, but write slowly. Some people design and redesign and redesign. Annie Dillard says in The Writing Life: "It takes years to write a book - between two and ten years.

Guest-mail: You got what it took to make a book?

Today's contribution comes from one of our dear friends: the sought-after lecturer, teacher and award-winning coaches Lisa Tener. Lisa supports authors as a writer's trainer in all facets of the authoring lifecycle - from authoring a proposed text to publishing, searching for one's own original voices, prioritising a project, creating an authoring forum, defining clear objectives and creating a system for successful creativity.

Its customers have autographed 5 and 6 digit agreements with HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster and Random House and have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, Fresh Air, CNN, Fox News and many other major publishing venues. If they have what it took to publish and author a novel.

During many years of assisting writers from all areas of my career in developing and publishing their works, I have found the three most important elements for a successful work. Even if folks think that the most important thing is how great you are (or even if you've ever done a book!), that's not the case.

There' are some things that are much more important.... and they come into the game before you have even written a single words from your work. Any prospective writer will feel a certain amount of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the "idea" of writing a novel, but how dedicated are you to keeping the course?

Qualityconsciousness needs a lot of work. Do you really want to commit yourself consistently (and make the necessary sacrifices) to make your textbook a success? Binding yourself to your textbook is the first thing you have to do. You have to be totally sincere with yourself, because if devotion isn't there..... if you really don't want it to get too serious.... you won't be on your best side.

In terms of the actual design of the books, three decisive elements are the overall view, the prediction of the readers and the idea behind the work. Have I got the competence to compose the script? If you don't have a schedule to find your spare minute in your bustling lives, get help when it comes hard to be responsible for your typing and get this knowledgeable guide to creating a top of the line project - well, how likely is it to make it to the finishing line?

You will clarify many of your choices in advance - before you start typing - from identifying your objectives, your target markets, your style, your tone, your characteristics, your size and your texture (for non-fiction) to the story, your personality, your settings and more (for fiction). Not only will you have the right script (vs. waste of your own money on the right one), you will be more productive and effectively.

Much of what I have learnt from working with literary writers over a ten-year period is used in the Q&A to help you judge where you are with your dedication, your vision and your plans. Possession is also part of the trivia and an important part of the work. Aim of The Books in a nutshell - to give you a step-by-step view of where you are on your trip to start authoring books and help you figure out what you need to do next to start authoring the books you've always wanted to be!

And of course, in order to get you on the right track to a publishing house, you will be brought to it. After completing the trivia test, you will get personal feedbacks that will give you a clear idea of what to do next on the basis of your own outstanding results. Have a look at the trivia page and see if you are prepared!

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