What is Writing to you

Writing to you

Can you write something nice? Makes your thinking visible. We have the Q: Specify what it means to you (Plus, you' ll get a free WD subscription!)

To write means many different things for many different individuals. How does it work for you? For me to write..... a way to amuse myself and others (and forgetting that I have a pretty big long due telephone bill on my counter). In order to increase the wager, I will choose three random contributors to review this entry and review it with others by Monday, January 23, 2012, to earn a free annual WD membership (or renew it for another year if you already have one).

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How does it work for you?

For me, typing is like a drum. They will bewitch you, bewitch you, enchant you, entice you to sense the sorrow, sense the Weber of words, and wave you to think more deeply and walk through the labyrinth of your own spirit. I' d like you to see a mirror image of my thoughts, my feelings and my spirit.

I' d like you to experience my frenzy and my sores through words. And I want you to know that I'm bleeding on a piece of virginal canvas. I like that. I seem to have a lovely grief, and my spirit looks like a maze you'd love to be in.

So, tell me, isn't it freeing your ticker from scarring, detoxifying your spirit from the rough bites of your sores and freeing your spirit from condemnation in a few words? All I want to do is hemorrhage through a pencil on a virginal blanket.

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