What is it like to be a Writer

How does it feel to be a writer?

Bittersweet truth of writing is that it is not easy; it requires work and practice like any other skill. I think that really great writing comes from the soul of a writer. Here's how you can do the same. It's just a fact of life for us.

All it really is to be a writer.

But the bitter-sweet truths of typing are that it is not simple; it demands work and exercise like any other aptitude. I think that really great writings come from the writer's mind. If a writer is really ardent about what they write, it reflected on the readers. These are part of the reasons it is so hard to be a writer because it will require to look deeply into your cardio and try to transmit that through words twisted together on card.

To be a writer puts you in an unbelievably fragile situation, because when your letter is sent to the rest of the worid, it reveals a part of you. Some of the author's most profound feelings become visible according to what the script is written on. An author is not only a philosopher, but also a mover.

We all have thoughts going through our heads every single working days, but it is hard to put them on the hard copy into one coherent area. When a university lecturer said to me, "The best authors are the best self-editors." I put so much effort into getting everything I had written down perfect the first few times so far that I didn't even start to do it.

What my teacher did teach me was that nobody in the first design gets everything perfectly, not even the best authors. It made me realise that the letter making pathway could be my own. When every author would follow the format and rule that all of our instructors have given us, every novel or every post we are reading would be so similar that it would be bothersome.

But the point is that every writer has his own way of spelling and his own way of spelling, just as every writer has his own personal turn that makes him inimitable. My relation to the writer is definitely a mix of hatred and loving, which is certainly the same for the vast majority of authors.

Typing is a creative activity of thought, brainstorm, research, collaboration, design, processing and text. And frankly, most of the times I don't want to write because it leads me to another worid in my mind that is consuming my spot. It' a laborious and constant reminiscence, re-reading and rewriting of new concepts, which can be strenuous.

As soon as I have reached the finishing line of the letter, it is so worthwhile. Yes, it's a painful procedure to get there, but somehow pleasant.

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