What is good Writing Skills

Which are good writing skills?

Nowadays, in the world of SMS, e-mail, emoticons and "cyber-slang", the subject of good writing practices can be quite unpopular. That is not an easy question to answer. The importance of good writing skills Nowadays, in the worlds of SMS, e-mail, sms, smilies and " cyber-slang ", the subject of good writing practice can be quite infamous. That is especially the case in those classrooms where pupils are often "rung the bell" because of spelling mistakes, malapropism, bad grammar and badly syntactic expression. Of course, anyone seeking a Master's in Communications knows that this is a write-intensive job and that sophisticated writing skills are not only important but crucial to your business performance.

In order to push this point forward, I thought it would be useful to give some practical example - what I call "lessons from the trenches" - that would in one case costs the comic. Learn the skill of writing with lesson #1. At the beginning of my professional development, when I was working for a large domestic corporation, I was looking after a female (a new employee) who had recently obtained her Master's in Communications and who had also worked as an author and journalist after her curriculum vitae.

Her first task was to edit the corporate journal and finalise the design for publishing. "She was also quite noisy about the literacy problems of her colleagues. It was a challenge for me as their managers to draw their eyes to the mistakes. Unfortunately, her writing has not improved and she was soon put into a non-communication position by our VP.

It' a pity for someone who's been spending so much effort and so much cash getting a college diploma in comms. Unit #2: Proofreading, proofreading and proofreading again. Another young boss at this firm was commissioned to complete a large nationwide printed ad, which included particular incentive and option-appointments. The next day when I got to the Bureau, the VP was obviously in a mood of anxiety; the assistant manager hadn't noticed that the data in the ad was incorrect - they were already over.

And even worst, it was over $250,000 to the corporation. It' probably no wonder the kid manager got laid off that particular outfit. Unit #3: Take responsibility for your writing. Some years ago, my business commissioned an external graphics developer to produce a customer book. A faultless copy was given to the designers, which they were to paste into the track for print.

But when the booklet was shipped, it included a number of typing mistakes and other mistakes that were not in the source. And when I introduced these questions to the artist, his answer was: "It's not my responsability. It' not my fault if they didn't see the flaws. "Unfortunately, the only one who could have made the mistakes was the artist, and he declined to be responsible.

An expensive lecture for me as an agent and certainly an expensive lecture for the graphics artist, whose service we have not used since then. The next professor to correct your letter, take a minute to thank you for your concern for you and your work.

It is better to study these "lessons from the trenches" in the class room than in the actual worl. It can be finished in just 20 month and includes many issues that are crucial to progress in the communications sector, which include communications in times of crises, corporate citizenship, focal group management and execution, research methodology, research and research, PR studies, writing and communications etiquette.

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