What is good Writing

Things to write good

The heart of the play are ideas - what the author writes about and what information he writes about them. An organization that is logical and effective. There are, however, certain characteristics that most examples of good writing share. This is a short description of five qualities of good writing: focus, development, unity, coherence and correctness. These characteristics are particularly important for academic and expository writing.

The essential characteristics of a good writer

Since writing the article about the quality of a professional freelance author, I have been receiving some emails asking me to send one about a good writer's quality. In other words, a novelist in general, not of a particular gender. That' s right, anyone can read, but that doesn't make him a good author, let alone a good one.

To be considered a good author, certain characteristics are necessary. For me, the most important characteristics of a good writer: A penchant for writing. Without the loving and writing passions, you can never make a good work. Writing becomes better the more intensive the passions.

Loving words. It' not the same as the pen. Loving words means having a good command of words and not just their meaning, but also the right use of words and their spell. It' s this affection for words that makes a novelist choose the right words, and it is this word selection that influences the reader.

High grammatical and punctuational abilities. All of us know how poor pronunciation can make a negative impact and how erroneous punctuation can alter the meanings of a phrase. Fantasy. If there is no fantasy, what and how can a author do? A nonfiction author also needs fantasy to make his writing understandable.

A good author has a gift for watching men and things and then spiritually saving these observations for later reproduction in his work. No good author ever has to wait for someone else to come and give him inspiration. Good authors always have a good access to writing. That means that a author should always take his work seriously and be able to understand every facet of writing.

Once a character has these seven important characteristics, then that character can be described as a good author.

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