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The Book Creator is an amazingly easy to use digital book creation tool with unlimited possibilities. Under guidance, primary school students can also use this app to produce and publish their own simple books or comics with pictures, videos and audio. The Book Creator is an excellent way for children to practice their writing skills and create a digital book with different forms of expression. A sample book as a guide. The Android version may have some differences in functionality and playability.

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Create eBooks with the Book Creator App

Booktra Book Creator is a high-performance yet easy-to-use iPad app that allows K-12 pupils and instructors to generate eBooks with text, pictures, audio and film. eBooks can then be released in either ePub or PDF formats and made available to others to view and use! eBook usage solutions for learners and educators can be used to build eBooks for a variety of curricula and subject areas:

) Photobooks (Impressionism, Cubism, student photos, etc.) Poetry anthologies (collection of student works) Individual "About me" bibliographies (autobiographies of students) Portfolio bibliographies (The life and times of.....) Teacher-created textbooks (Every topic) etc. What is the process for creating eBooks? Nowadays there are three dominant word processor format (MS Office, etc.) files Adobe PDF' s ePub / eBooks Apple iBooks Authors Sigil iPad Apps (Scribble Press, Creative Book Builder, Book Creator, etc.).

Browse Book Creator? One app only for iPad (no iPhone / iPod version) Free* and charged $4. 99 / ($2. 50 if > 20) available High performance but simple to use softwares, very favourite Can use pictures, sound, videos, text, drawings within the book Allows the users to use PDF's, ePubs, imports to iBooks for others to dowload (also potentially pay!) eBooks on several device / platform / content is fully controllable by the editor (you !) Everyone can use Book Creator!

If you have a song on your iPad, you can use it as a "SOUNDTRACK", but are not necessary After tapping anywhere on the page to exit the page, you don't need to click OK!

Exit the Book Creator app and go to the Camara app With the cam in Photo view you take at least 4 to 10 snapshots of things that have something to do with your subject (maybe even let someone take a photo of you, the author!) Exit the camcorder app and go back to the Book Creator app Click on the PLUS + and choose PHOTO's and insert 1 or 2 or more of your snapshots to the empty eBook page as well.

Just click the PLUS + and choose SON and click the Records badge in as many records as you want and then click Edit in text and a sketch on the page as well! Exit the Book Creator app and go to the camere app to With the cam in videograomode you take at least 2 to 3 brief movies of things that have something to do with your subject (maybe you also have someone to do a movie of you, the author!) Exit the cam app and go back to the book creator app Click the PLUS + and choose PHOTO's and insert 1 of your movies to the empty eBook page Adding pictures, text and a sketch even on the empty page!

You now have some free space to work on your own or with other users to do it. Please ask as many as you want / need to make sure you fully comprehend how to use the Book Creator application!

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