What is a Fantasy Story

What's a fantasy story?

In most fantasies, magic or other supernatural elements are used as the main element, theme or backdrop. The magic and magical creatures are common in many of these worlds. The plot is often associated with magic or witchcraft. Occurrences occur outside the normal laws that apply in the universe. The fantasy genre focuses on magic.


This fictitious category could be defined as something that contains unrealistic remnants, such as magic forces, speaking beasts, etc. The fictitious genres can be described as something that contains them. Imagination is often marked by a deviation from the acceptable precepts according to which the individual perceives the surrounding environment; it is representing the inexplicable and beyond the limits of our known realities.

Make-elieve is what this is about. A further characterization of a fantasy novel is any work that contains implausible attitudes or magics, often located in a mediaeval world or possibly containing mythic beings or psychic shapes as a prime component of the storyline, subject or attitude. There is almost always something enchanting in the imagination and you can see it in the surroundings or in the action.

The fantasy usually depicts those histories that could not have happened in reality. Fairytales by well-known writers, such as Hans Christian Andersen's, are regarded as contemporary fantasy and have no problems with small kids; in fact, most young people are growing up with a belief in fantasy. Although the contemporary style of the game is less than two hundred years old, its predecessors have a long and remarkable histor.

Phantasy Fiction has a wealth of inspiration for reviewers to section and put into practice the contemporary style. It' often seen as the contemporary equivalent of the mythological, but whether one of these methods inspires the other and which ones have been. Rooted in myths and legends, fantasy is the most elementary of all styles.

It' s certainly interesting that many peoples over many generation have been believers in myths and legends that have had a dramatic impact on their lives and cultures. It could also be said that this is the basic foundation of most commercially available fixtures. A heroeic fantasy longs for a period of inflexible differences in classes in which good and bad were part of heredity.

Imagination allows the readers to go back to a more simple age - the kind of life we want. Characteristic features of fantasy and its many intersecting subgenres are discussed by some people. Being fictional can and is often a multifaceted matter. It can be a fantasy, investigative, romantic, etc. play.

Sci-fi and fantasy are essentially different classes, but the boundary between them is often thin. It is a good example, because it is clearly part of the sci-fi category and still contains some inexplicable fantasy features (especially "The Force", may it be with you all). The two genres are usually merged, both because of the overlapping trends of their readership and because of the tendency of writers to obliterate the boundaries between these two.

A lot of sci-fi writers have also created works of fantasy. Spekulative Fiktion is a hard to categorise gender. Some writers might for example argument that most spectacular fantasy is sheer fantasy - and yet a fantastic story in a far-off futures would be more likely to be categorized as "science fiction".

Recently, when the word "fantasy" is considered as part of a single gender, it is generally reminiscent of stories of dragon and castle and knight in shiny armour - but in reality the entire discipline is so much more. Imagination is the least age-influenced category.

Recently, the popularity of the Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter tales, along with C.S. Lewis' Chonicles of Narnia and the movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, has attracted dramatic interest in fantasy. The fantasy is still selling much better than sci-fi.

From the very beginning, myths and legends have been an important part of our civilization. Imagination opens the doors to experience the magical experience that is in the surrounding environment, and above all the magical experience within ourselves. This can be a tornado of pictures and storylines and is one of the few styles in which the same volume can be enjoyed by an grown-up and a 12-year-old - conveniently and without any comment.

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