What is a Book Report

So what's a book report?

The book report summarizes the important aspects of a book such as title, author, plot and characters. In order to complete a book report, students must follow a few simple steps before they can write their book reports. There are many different types of book reports. There are three types of effective book reports: plot summaries, character analyses and topic analyses. Has your professor asked you to write a book report?


The book report is a piece of writing or an verbal representation that summarises and (often, but not always) assesses a work of art from a fictional or non-fiction book. Sharon Kingen stresses below that a book report is primarily a classroom tutorial, "a means of establishing whether a pupil has been reading a book or not" (Teaching Language Arts in Middle Schools, 2000).

As a rule, book reviews are in a base layout that contains the following information: "is one way to tell others about a book you've been reading. And a good book report will help others in deciding whether or not to study it." - You''ve got to remember that a book report is a mixture of facts and fantasy.

but it is your own creations, your own opinions and judgements." - You teacher can sometimes give a book report. It is important to distinguish a book report from a research report because it covers a book in its totality - not certain parts of several different volumes and papers.....

It is also clearly distinguishable from a book report or critique because it only covers a book without committing to comparing it with other titles or judging its value. - A Book Report is a synopsis of the content, storyline or proposition of a particular book.

Authors of books are not obliged to rate authors, although they often do." "I' m going to give you some advice on how to do a good book report. "Say the name of the book. Name all the people in the book. So tell me what they did.

So tell me what they found. "Say you were reading to your sis. "reads to a good mate. "A book report is usually a means of establishing whether a pupil has or has not been reading a book. A number of professors also regard these accounts as an important part of their compositional programme.

There are, however, some issues in connection with book reporting. Firstly, pupils can usually find out enough about a book to be able to compose a report without actually having to do so. Secondly, book reviews are prone to be dull and dull to study. Lettering is usually not inspired because the pupils have no personal responsibility for the job and no obligation to do so.

Moreover, book reviews are not really written work. Student-only book reports." "I' ve taken a speed-reading class and in 20 min. I' ve studied War and Peace.

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