What if Creative Writing

So what if creative writing

Other exercises for the Creative Writer. It may even be better if you don't know what before you start. Luckily, these questions can typically also make the creative juice flow. Integrate the habit of writing every day by using these suggestions. The second edition of What if?

So what if creative writing prompts

And if? Luckily, these issues can usually also make the creative juice run. Use these" what-if" scenes to add extra inspiration for storytelling, poetry or whatever interests your mind. Suppose your pets are in the room? Suppose you wake up with a superpower?

Suppose you lose your power to ride a motorcycle? Suppose you got a call that your parents were terminally ill or even died over night? Suppose you find out you still have a family? If you had the opportunity to win a large amount of cash at the cost of the loss of a significant memorial?

Suppose you find out that a man you love is a series? Suppose lifeless things could talk to you? Suppose the word gets out that the word will be shattered in two week's time? So what if you meet someone who can see the sun? So what if your boyfriend joins a sect that worships skulls?

If you could start changing your carreer right now? If you could choose the next one who is a great ringleader of a state? Suppose you wake up in a worid that has completely no crimeworth? If you could make a difference in people's opinions on matters of society such as prostitution and other human liberties, what if you could?

of $100,000 in currency from someone selling illicit narcotics? If you had the capacity to ripen a plant at will, what if you could? If you could talk to someone who is dead. If you could go to the past and the present?

Well, what would you do? Suppose your pets could only speak to you at 12:00? 21. But what if you discover a creation that promises rest to the earth? Suppose you could give your own lives to rescue a fellowship of human beings in need of dramatic help?

If you could make a living in any kind of universe from a fictional novel, sci-fi novel or a show? If you could find the power to pardon someone no matter how much they harmed you? If you could really make some kind of faith come true? If you could stop a compound from becoming an addict?

Then what would it be? Well, what if you could make someone else fell in lovemaking-- Suppose an unknown planet comes up to you and asks you for your kindness? If you find out someone chased you last year with the intent of murdering you? Suppose you find a jewel that gives you the power to travel?

If you walked and a little kid screamed into the forest, what if you could hear him? Suppose you find out you were a great historic character in your past lives? Suppose you' ve been out of service for a whole sunday? So what would it be? Suppose your baby or another person you love has vanished all of a sudden?

But what if you find out that your employees can see all your thoughts? If you haven't smiled for a whole can? If you could only resuscitate one of the people who passed away. If you had the trouble of solving just one of the world's problems in its entirety, what would you do?

Then what would it be? Suppose you realize you're gonna be dead in 24hrs? If you could become a world-renowned specialist in one field? Then what would it be? and your whole being made of lard or some other kind of nourishment?

If you had the authority to wreck the planet immediately? If you had the opportunity to completely put your whole existence back? But what if you find out all the answer to the greatest secrets in the underworld? and you' never get busted for three whole orgasms?

If you could make a complete overhaul? Well, what would you do? If you could alter the policy architecture of any kind? Well, what would you do? If you could make any target mystical being? Then what would it be? But what if you could enchant someone you don't like?

Which magic wand would that be? If you could speak a certain tongue fluently, what if you could? Suppose someone from home numbers keeps phoning you for three whole nights? Suppose someone tried to say you were committing a felony you didn't commit? So what if you find out that your other important person ratted you out?

If you could stop an incident in the story? If you had a difference of opinion with someone and he drew a gun? If you could check the outcome of a big sports events like the Olympics, Super Bowl or the World Cup? Well, what if you could hit yourself as the opposite gender?

If you are a girl, for example, you could get to know yourself as a man. Suppose you wake up and find out you're a Centaur. So what would you do? but he or she would catch you doing something immoral?

If you could pay all your bill for the remainder of your lifetime but had to consume 300 fungi a day? If you could send a note to God and know that he will hear and consider everything you say? Which would you say? If you found out you were coming back as a spirit after you died?

If you had the opportunity to go boocamp? Which Bootcamp would you do and why? If you could make your own TV show with all your fans and family? Which show would that be and who would be playing which roles?

If you could ask for a notice of your deaths, unemployment or injuries? You would ask what and why? If you could go to another place in our system like the Earth's lunar, planetary orbit? If you could help a fund-raiser collect the money for his purpose?

Which benefit event would that be and why would you do it? If you found out that in the next 10 lessons you would achieve everything you had planned? So what would you do? If you could ask for a wonder, and it would actually come?

Is that what you're doing? If you could exactly check how the last of your days would go? How would it be? So what if you have found the remedy for an ailment, mentally or physically? So what would you heal? Well, what if you could do a high-quality spoof of something?

Then what would it be? but you could only use this ability threeimpled? If you could give your neighbourhood a free present? Then what would it be? Well, what if you could be somewhere for the next class?

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