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If the book review

So, in this book you get such questions: What height should you drop a steak from so that it can be cooked when it falls to the ground? Sincere scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions", by Randall Munroe. That makes What If? something of a challenge for a book critic. This is the declared goal of "But What if We're Wrong?

What if - A review of Randall Munroe's new book

He is a former NASA robot with a diploma in physic. "A few years ago he started his "What if" blogs, in which he provided "serious scholarly answers" (accompanied by his characteristic stickman drawings) to "absurd theoretical questions" from his reader. Much of these issues and their responses are now summarized in a new book by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, New York, due out on September 2.

I have just read it all over again, and it has resolved my anniversary present and my Christmas present dilemma for a large group of inmates. I' m saying the issues Munroe is tackling are weird, but actually most of them are quite cool: So if everyone on the planets were to stay away for a few week, wouldn't the colds be cured?

And what would be if everyone on Earth were as near to each other as possible, jumping, all falling to the floor at the same moment? If you were to collect a mule ( "unit") of mules ( "small furred animal") in one place, what would you do? Which is the furthest man that has ever been of any other being?

Suppose a jar of cool drinkin' was half empty? The Munroe must receive tens of thousand reader inquiries. It responds to a humble sub-set of those that not only arouse his interest but are also fun and that have the capacity to use true sciences to investigate conceptions, the surrounding environment and everyday secrets of living and the university.

Back-of-the-cover calculation was an important (and most important) part of my studies and scientific training. Anybody can draw an Equation from a text book to answer a fundamental physical or technical problem, but most of the world's interesting issues (and quite literally outside this world) cannot be solved by just text book formulas.

It requires estimates, simplistic suppositions and interdisciplinary scientific abilities (from physicists, biologists and chemists to engineers). All of this is combined with the capacity to research different ways to find responses that illuminate, entertain and educate everyone together. It is interesting that all of the scariest ones were filed by the same person: someone called Anonymous.

However, please check the book's footnote just before its inauguration.

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