What happens at a Book Club

So what happens in a book club?

The majority of groups meet for one or two hours. A few meet during the day, at weekends or for breakfast. Anything that happens at book club doesn't remain at book club.

Last weeks I had the chance to appear as a special guest in a first book club of the YWCA Hannover in Hannover, PA. I' m saying I was the special guests because the club selected my book Beyond-Tarmendous for the opening debate. The main management issues we were discussing were the importance of personality, integrity, compassion as well as our visions of how enthusiasm makes us who we are and how we can stop being powerful and begin to be powerful.

When I was a kid, I loved the way things work and words and the way they interact when humans come together to part. I was surrounded by persons who shared the effects of humans and textbooks in their life. They were courageous in leading organisations and building businesses or government departments and travelling to distant countries, and how cleverly they were at what they shared.

One day I was hoping to meet pretty folks around me to talk about life-changing literature. Somebody would divide what they had been reading and how it had changed their souls. Often they reprimanded the readers, enabling them to start their own lifes anew and then "rebel". It was my dad, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, who said that studying makes us clever and proud; but it makes us doomed.

And he claimed that the individual who keeps a book is never the same as when he deposits it. So, I was here in the book club and I watched these girls change in front of my face and my hearing. What, then, is the wonder of accounts? A book will scratches you where you prick.

It is much less expensive than a shrink and you don't need an appointmen! Humans are starving for responses in their life. We have the responses in the literal sense of the permanent existence of a book. A book can create innumerable epipphanies and lift the haze from the eye to previously undetected possibilities.

They can even help you. If you' re reading, you become a bigger picture of yourself than before. You' re given the skills to respond to the big issues of your lifetime and, most important of all, you collect the insight to be the best of you. You tell me that it's too old-fashioned for everyone to concentrate their attentions so long that everyone is too preoccupied with getting addicted to digitally and browsing the Internet to take the reading age.

Well, then they'll never find what they're looking for. There are many of us who long for the opportunity to return to a period when we have enjoyed happiness, liberty and confidence. The book and above all, dear ones who talk about it, can refresh our mind and our spirit.

Buchclub has made a great beginning and we are looking forward to the next conversation! Do you want to join us or found a book club in your city or organisation, write me, because you know that I would like to help you! Keep in mind the mantras of my fathers greatest book lover of all times, who said: "In five years you will be the same as you are today, except for the men you are meeting and the textbooks you are reading".

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