What does it take to Write a Book

So what does it take to write a book?

It officially took me two years and four months to write Dare To Move. I had my editor edit three rounds. For how long does it REALLY take to write a book? When you have two hours a day to write in, take two hours, no matter for which genre or for whom it is written. ((after you have written) to sleep at night, eat vegetables and have a real holiday.

So how long did it take to produce the most popular textbooks in the underworld?

Five years ago George R. R. Martin released "A Dance with Dragons", the latest volume in his TV show "A Song of Ice and Fire", and supporters are eager to know what happens in the throne world. How long does it take to even finish a script?

PrinterInks.com has compiled an information graphic showing how long it took the writers to create their literature masters. It is definitively George R. R. Martin on the slow side, but let's not forgetting that it took Victor Hugo 12 years to finish "Les Miserables". I wish they could just type as quickly as John Boyne, who composed "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" in less than three working nights.

Obviously, these are all of different length, but Boyne averaged almost 100 pages per days. When we stick to Martin's tariff for "A Game of Thrones", he is writing less than three pages a page a fortnight. Please have a look at the full story about INSIDER. Just click on INSIDER on Facebook.

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When does it take to produce the first design of a work?

I' ve reserved four lessons a working days for writing. Mostly I try to pursue a general subject that in my case has turned out to be "things that made me feel less pain, that made others feel less pain", but often I go off the reservation and I am writing about what is on my heart or about something confusing, absurd or entertaining.

Took about six month to compile my first volume "How to be Ferociously Happy". This is a compilation of observation to change your point of view and is deliberately easy - many of the pages contain only one or two sentences. I' d like this little notebook to be sitting on a bedside table in passing and the exact opposite of ponderous, more a joy than a challenge.

When you sit down to look from front page to front page (and I just hopefully you never do), it would take about an hours to get all the way through. I have a second one, Amateur, which is a storybook and again lasted about six-month. My third volume, A Spectacular Catastrophe and other things I suggest, was finished about six month later.

It would take much longer if I started out with a more serious, muscle books that might need research (and hopefully travel). However, even if it took ten, twenty, thirty years, every volume begins in the same way. You' re going to take a few lessons a days and you' re going to be a writer.

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